How to Sponsor a Pet or Program

How does sponsorship work? Sponsoring a Virden Pet Network pet, program or other feature is a great way to associate your brand with a registered charity that has a positive reputation in the community and a loyal social media following. Your tax-deductable sponsorship will be publicly recognized on our social media accounts on a frequency to be agreed upon.

Who can be a sponsor? A business of any size can be a sponsor and so can any individual who wants to support the work we do.

What are the different types of sponsorships?

  • Sponsor a pet currently in rescue. This is a good option for an individual or small business sponsorship where you sponsor the vet costs for a pet or pets of your choice.

  • Sponsor a particular program. For example, our Low Cost Spay Neuter program is sponsored by Valleyview Co op. Available for sponsorship is our Lost and Found service. This content is heavily shared on social media and provides high visibility for your company name and logo. Or maybe you'd like to support one of our rural cat colonies (Routledge and Reston) to ensure the managers have the resources they need to alter new strays as they arrive and provide shelter and food for them.

How do you, the sponsor, benefit? Your brand will be associated with a respected, community-positive organization. You will receive repeated recognition of your sponsorship on Virden Pet Network’s social media accounts (with 3,200 Facebook followers and growing). Your business will gain a new source of traffic directed to your website or social media page. And since your sponsorship is considered a donation, you can deduct it from your taxes.

There are lots of ways to help non profits like Virden Pet Network. If sponsorship seems like it might work for you, contact us to talk about the options.