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Congrats to Winners

Cherilynn Pizzey was the grand prize winner of a new, window air conditioner, which she immediately regifted to an ailing friend. Sweet!

Dr Carla Loewen of the Virden Animal Hospital won the Canada Day picnic prize pack.

We thank everyone who bought tickets and the many who support our fundraisers year after year. You are the power pack that keeps us going!

$5 Face Masks

Update: We are still selling 100% cotton face masks from our homes as the need continues. But now you can also buy them at the CP Train Station gift store and at the vet clinic in Virden, still just $5!

Again, every dollar raised goes towards Virden Pet Network's veterinary costs.

Our undying gratitude to Lynda Martin and Margaret James, the seamstresses making these lovely and fun face masks.

Visit us on Facebook to see the fabrics and styles available.

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a senior cat who's been fending for himself for God-knows how many years. VPN recently trapped and brought him into our care. Luckily his first vet visit went well... no serious health issues, but his teeth are a disaster. Charlie shoulda flossed.

Because of your support of our fundraisers, we can afford his dental surgery.

(Update: Charlie had his dental and is feeling much better. Has become very affectionate in fact! The Comeback Kid!)

Barn Cats: Low cost to spay/neuter

Low Cost Spay Neuter program: Virden Pet Network is now accepting applications for barn cat fixes.

This program drastically reduces the cost to spay/neuter your cat, dog or farm cats. Click here for details.

Once you go black... you save money!

This gorgeous lady is Stardust... and has she got a deal for you!

No adoption fee on all black cats (or mainly black)... and just $25 for black kittens!

Visit our cats album and kittens album to choose your new best friend and find out why black is beautiful.