Tommy the Friendly Mouser

The last available baby from a stunning litter of dilute kittens in the softest hues, brother to Asher and Shade. Recently Tommy has shown interest in being the resident mouser, so if you have a rodent problem indoors, he's your man!

Born Nov. 10, 2023 to mom Echo (also available for adoption, see adult cat page). 

Breed: DSH dilute ginger and white tabby

Gender: Male

Health: exc health, utd on vaccinations, dewormed, ready to roll!  

Good with other cats and with people, seems good with children. Fosters are working to get him used to dogs. 

Foster mom says: "He's pretty laid back. Still mischievous. He is warming up to the dogs but still wary of them."  

"Tommy is a people lover. He loves any sort of attention. He is also mischievous, you will find him doing fun stuff like tearing open unguarded chip bags! When not seeking action, he’s looking for a warm companion to curl up with."

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Adonis the "Butter Cat" 

(He melts in your arms!)

Gender: male, neutered 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: dilute ginger with white diamond on back 

Energy Level: low       Health: exc.

Ideal Home: good with kids, dogs and other cats.

Story: The entire family of mom and 4 kittens was living rough in the area of Queen St. East, Virden, with several concerned citizens keeping an eye on them, putting out food, and getting them used to being around humans. 

They were trapped and brought into rescue in early August and here they are, healthy, curious, busy and adorable!

Personality: Adonis is a lover, not a fighter! He wants nothing more than to be held, cuddled, loved on, pet, kissed… you name it! This boy loves love! 

He is what we call a “butter cat”, because the second you pick him up, he melts in your arms. He enjoys a quick wrestle with his big brother, and toys can be fun now and then, but really the most interesting thing for Adonis is what’s out the window and what’s in his dreams. He’s a low energy big boy who’s happy with cats, dogs, kids… as long as they whisper sweet nothings to him, he’s happy as a clam.   

Apollo: Big, beautiful & busy

Gender: male, neutered 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: dilute ginger with white

Energy Level: medium    Health: exc.

Ideal home:  good with kids, dogs and other cats.

Personality: Apollo is a leader – he’s brave, curious, and full of personality. He loves playing with his siblings, kids, toys, and even his 90 lb dog foster sister! 

When he’s not wrestling his brother, Apollo likes to hunt bugs, hang with his hedgehog foster-brother, and cuddle with his humans. He enjoys being picked up and held, and just like his siblings, Apollo loves napping in a lap, or at least near his favourite people. He spends his nights curled in a ball making biscuits under the blanket with anyone who will let him. 

He’s already quite a big boy, so if you’re looking for an oversized house panther who gets along with anyone and everyone, Apollo is the one for you! 

Artemis: Quiet. Colourful.

Gender: female, spayed 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: tabico (tabby calico) 

Energy Level: low   Health: exc.

Ideal home: Quiet home, with another feline or one of her own siblings.

Personality: Artemis is a small, quiet girl who always manages to find some sunlight to bask in. She’s a bit shy, so she tends to rely on her siblings and mom to help her loosen up around new people. We would love to see her end up in a forever home with one of her family members, but if on her own, she would be happiest in a quieter home. She loves pets and will often appear seemingly out of nowhere to enjoy a nap as close to you as possible. Artemis is the type of girl who will take some time to come out of her shell, but will eventually give her heart away to you completely.   

Athena: Kids are welcome


Gender: female, spayed 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: dilute tabico

Energy Level: low-medium   Health: exc.

Ideal Home: She likes everyone - dogs, other cats, kids. 

Personality: Athena is a beautiful huntress! She loves chasing toys and bugs, and chirping at the birds out the window. She will INSIST on head pets by mewing at you and hopping up on her back legs to make sure your hand doesn’t miss her head. She also enjoys watching you in the bathroom, just fyi. 

And oh her colouring! Look closely at some of her grey areas – they’re actually full of stripes, just like her momma Hera! She gets along with other cats, dogs, kids, basically everyone! She would be happy getting all the attention in a single-pet home or sharing the love with animal siblings.  

Precious Gems

Born: May 7, 2023

Breed: DSH or DMH, white with dark tabby markings

Gender: 2 males left! Emerald and Jasper need to stay together, they are a beautiful bonded team. Ask about our BOGO offer.

Health: Excellent, utd on vaccines, dewormed. Neutered.

Good with: Kids, dogs and other cats. These babes have been well socialized by a family that's very experienced in fostering cats and dogs. That means they are house trained, gentle, and confident. 

EMERALD: (male) This boy is sunshine in a fur suit! He has a warm, friendly, easygoing temperament that would be suitable in any cat-loving home. Em adores attention and would love a home where he gets tons of it.

JASPER: (male) Independent, snuggly, calm. Jas is the kindest boy with kids and baby animals! He is a quiet boy who prefers gentle handling. He's very happy to cuddle up with a good book and a lap!

Please visit the Gems on their own Facebook page - it has hundreds of pix from baby to current day plus videos. 

Then apply online for these precious gems.

Stuart Little: The Last of the Storybook Gang 

Born: Sept. 18, 2023

Breed: DSH, ginger with white markings

Gender: Male, neutered, utd on vaccines

Health: exc. 

Activity level: moderate to high

Ideal home: Stuart is used to lots of action in his foster home from kids, dogs and other cats/kittens. He loves it all. He'd like a cat to buddy up with but could adapt to any home with affection on tap!

In the photos of two siblings, Stuart is on the right side. These babies had to grow up quickly as they were orphaned just days after their birth. A sad start to what we know will be a "storybook" life when Stuart, the final sibling, goes to his forever home. 

As orphans, they had to be bottle fed by their loving foster mum Erin which means they are deeply bonded to humans. 

Contact us with your questions about Stuart Little. Or... Send in your application today... 

And then there were FOUR... ginger siblings

Born: June 8, 2023

Genders: Rocket, Murphy and Ziggy are male. Winnie is female. 

All are DSH ginger tabbies. Healthy, dewormed, vaccinated, all are spayed or neutered.

WINNIE: Winnie is a curious kitten and Rocket's best pal. She likes everyone, and everything, including dogs ( she lives with one and has met another)! Her current obsession is lying on laps and accepting endless pets. 

ROCKET: Rocket ( Rocky) is Winnie's best buddy. He is curious, persistent, a loving cuddle bug. He hasn't met anyone or anything that he doesn't like! Foster mum says, "Rocket, I'm sure has ADHD.  He was the first to walk, and first to do anything.  No matter what you're doing, he is there.  The smallest and most energetic of them all."

MURPHY: Murphy is the largest of the bunch. Laidback and lovable. One big purring machine! You just have to walk in the room and he gets his motor into action. He loves to be rocked in your arms like a baby, and to get your attention, he will lay in the middle of the floor on his back until you pick him up for a snuggle! Loves to play with his siblings.

ZIGGY: is the shy one in the family. He is cool with watching all the action between the dog and the other 3 kittens. Ziggy loves to be rocked in your arms, and believe it or not, loves to be with you while cleaning litter boxes! His favorite thing besides cuddling and his bro Murphy, is helping you get items out of the lower kitchen cabinets! Mama's little helper. Foster mum says: "He enjoys being the onlooker before he will engage in play. Very laid back.  His favorite thing is good old back scratches."

For more information or to meet the kittens, contact Sharon Lemay in Reston or pm us at VPN.

And remember, if you adopt two kittens you get a BOGO discount!  

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NEW: Maddie the Tri-Colour Explosion


Born: August-Sept. 2023 approx.

Breed: DSH calico

Gender: female, spayed

Personality: Likes being petted but still a bit skittish. Foster mum is still getting to know her and socialize her but you can see the confidence and curiosity in those eyes! 

Health: exc. health. 

Ideal home: quiet home, cats are fine, untested with dogs. 

Maddie is a bit of a mystery woman. We think she hitched a ride under a vehicle hood, likely seeking warmth. She emerged after the car was parked in her rescuer's garage in Virden.

Now she's safely inside the warm house, thanking her lucky stars she never froze off any body parts during her adventure. No owner has come to claim her, their loss, our gain. And soon to be your gain!

We are now accepting adoption applications for Maddie.