Harold & Felix: Brothers and Besties

Age: 11 months

Gender: neutered males

Breed: Black DSH

Health: vaccinated, neutered, neg. for FIV and FelV.

Good with cats: oh yeah!

Good with dogs: ditto

Good with people: yes, of all ages

Harold and Felix are twins and are almost 1 year old. They started their lives in a colony of cats in Reston and later moved into a culvert.

The boys had a rough life on the streets especially in winter, so were more than happy to come in from the cold and begin a new journey of warmth and comfort with their foster family.

Felix had a nasal polyp removed and Harold had one removed from his ear, a genetic gift from one of their parents. (Talk to us about polyps in pets if you have questions or concerns. They have not prevented these lads from having normal, happy kittenhoods.)

These boys are very attached to one another, so we’d love for them to stay together. They are well behaved, fun and relaxed kitties who love cuddles, dogs, and other cats, but their favorite is people!

Black is definitely beautiful! (So are discounts… so adopt both and the second is ½ price).

Find out HOW TO ADOPT here.

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Piper, loves kids, dogs and cats too!


Age: 6 months

Gender: spayed female

Colour, Breed: Black and white short-hair

Health: dewormed, 1st vaccinations, spayed, negative for FIV, FelV.

Loves dogs, cats, kids and all people!

Personality: friendly, easy going, playful.

Ideal home: any

Hi, my name is Piper. Let me tell you a little about myself!

I came to my foster mom & dad’s house and they had these 7 floofy things around that I wasn’t sure about, but they kind of looked like me so that was pretty neat! In no time at all, I went from being all alone to having brothers and sisters and it’s so much fun!! I love all my cat and dog siblings!

I really love humans too... big to small, I love them all! I’m also a big Winnipeg Jets fan and when mom and dad put the game on, I have my special seat so I can watch too.

Mom says I would fit in with any kind of family! She tells me all the time what a pretty and good girl I am! She would love me to stay here forever but I know there is a great family out there just for me!

PS: I should also mention how nice and warm it is in my mom and dad’s house! Before, I was always so cold. The tips of my ears and the tip of my tail got so cold, little parts of them fell off. Mom took really good care of me so they don’t hurt anymore! It makes me kinda unique, doncha think?

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Snorkel / Lemay: Wide eyed, bushy tailed

Age: 11 months

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: Long haired "Blue Russian"

Health: utd on vaccines, neutered, super healthy aside from nasal polyp that is currently stable. Very happy, playful boy.

Best suited to: home with kids, dogs, other cats. He digs everything!

Lemay, the Snorkel Kid, loves life in a big way. I call him our puppy-cat because he plays fetch better than most dogs! Brings the crinkle ball right back and drops it at my feet.

Since he was rescued in Reston, a nasal polyp behind his throat has been causing him to snore when sleeping and sometimes while eating or grooming.

We feared the worst and watched over him many months but he fooled us all. He grew, he played, his tail filled out into a huge bottle brush, and now he's a lanky, fluffy teenager!

Snorkel zooms around the house like a race car driver, naps hard with his foster bros, and snores like... well, like a little old man with sleep apnea!

Talk to us about Lemay. He's an absolute doll who would love to shine his light on your home.