Meet the Little Charmers

It's true. All seven of these ginger delights belong to the same litter. Two boys and five girls (highly unusual odds). And they've all been lovingly hand raised by the Dyck family of Souris. Which means they are socialized, healthy, playful and very affectionate.

Erin Dyck made them their very own Facebook page, and filled it full of pictures, videos, and cute stories about daily life with the G7. Get to know them here: VPN's Little Charmers.

Their charming names are: Allure (f), Dazzle (f), Charisma (f), Gusto, Pizzazz, Sparkle (f), and Aura (f).

They are ready to bring joy to your home RIGHT NOW! Just complete an online adoption application. The hard part? Choosing your babies!

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The Perfect Family Cat: DIEGO!

Playful. Affectionate. Confident.

Age: Born Sept. 9, 2021

Gender: Neutered Male

Breed, colour: Ginger & white DSH

Health: Excellent. Dewormed, fixed, all shots, FIV/FelV neg.

Energy level: Medium-high

Great with kids, dogs and other cats!

Watch Diego's video here.

Diego's foster mum writes: Diego is a big old goofball! He’s ridiculous! If you’re relaxing, you will soon find him doing somersaults in your lap for pets.

He will crawl in your shirt and help himself to a nap. He will demand your love and attention by ramming his face into yours. Diego. Loves. Everyone. He especially loves his teeny little sister, Frida, and his human siblings! Children are the best thing in the world to Diego because they let him lick up crumbs and watch screens way too close and make blanket forts anywhere!

Diego is growing into a big boy, but he will remain a kitten at heart forever! Other cats and dogs are also on his “Should I Love You? Yes I Should” list. (His latest crush is a kitten named Simon who he mothers and loves to bits).

Health: Diego has been neutered and is up to date on shots. He requires a special hypoallergenic food due to a skin condition.

Best Suited For: A home with kids, other animals, and plenty of time for lap naps.

Diego likes being handled and played with and does well with the noise and chaos of a busy household... doesn't even mind the vacuum!

Totally litter trained. Good appetite, not a fussy eater. Not a heavy shedder.

BONUS: If you adopt Diego along with his little sister Frida (see below) or Simon the baby kitten, the 2nd adoption fee is half off.

Diego and is fostered in Virden. Come for a visit! Or get approved for adoption ahead of time - click here.

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FRIDA: More than just a pretty face

Petite. So Sweet. Sunbeam Soaker-Upper.

Age: Born Sept. 9, 2021

Gender: spayed female

Breed: Calico DSH

Health: Excellent. Dewormed, fixed, all shots, FIV/FelV neg. No health concerns.

Energy level: low-medium

Foster mum says: Frida is the only girl from a litter of four. She is tiny (!!) and so sweet! She loves being picked up for a quick cuddle, getting scratches under her chin, and napping in blanket caves. She’s very quiet - unless she’s grooming herself, when, for some reason, she enjoys snorting, grumbling, and snarfling as loud as her bulldog foster-brother! LOL

Frida loves other cats, especially her big brother Diego. She also likes dogs (with proper introductions), and she loves children! She’s low-medium energy; the type of cat who is going to always look like a kitten, but would rather soak up the sun than chase a toy. She’ll put up with a manicure if you bribe her with treats.

Home Best Suited For: Frida will be happiest with a feline (or perhaps canine) friend. Children would be a bonus, but she’ll be happy with any human who gives her attention.

If you adopt both Frida and her brother Diego (above) you'll get the best of both worlds (yin and yang) and you'll get a BOGO discount.

The Irish Clan

Their mom, Frankie, was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought into foster care just days before giving birth on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, to four healthy babies.

Since then, the Irish kittens have been doted on first by their birth mama and then their two human foster parents. Little Shamrock was the first to be adopted. Her brothers, below, are ready for their turn now!

Well-socialized and used to being handled, these babes are sure to make an easy adjustment to any home, especially if there are other cats in the home. If not, we ask that you consider adopting them in pairs because at this age, they learn so much from each other. (And because of BOGO... the second kitten is half price!)

Clover: adopted!

Age: Born March 17/2022

Gender: male

Breed: DSH

Colour: white with a little grey patch right on the top of his head.

Health: Excellent, mom tested negative for FIV/FeLV, utd on all vaccinations

Clover is one of the most cuddly kittens I’ve met. He follows you around waiting for you to pet and give him a cuddle. He also loves to sleep with you at night. Be warned - his purr is amazing. You only have to look at him and he purrs.

Clover is still a kitten and loves to play with his brothers and foster siblings. He would definitely need another cat in the house to play with and to snuggle with.


Age: born March 17/2022

Gender: male

Breed: DSH

Colour: ginger tabby

Health: Excellent, mom tested negative for FIV/FeLV, utd on all vaccinations

Murphy is probably the most independent of the St. Patrick’s Day litter. He’s adventurous, and loves to play. He is very bonded with his brother, Lucky. We would love for those two to be adopted together if possible.

Lucky (aka Potluck!)

Age: Born March 17/2022

Gender: Male

Breed: DSH

Colour: ginger tabby

Health: Excellent, mom tested negative for FIV/FeLV, utd on all vaccinations

Lucky is a very active little boy. He loves to play, but he also loves cuddles and pets. He’s very bonded with his brother, Murphy, and we would love to see these two adopted together.

Foster mum says: "Lucky is fully vaccinated, and health checked by our vet. He comes with a neuter certificate as well, so he is ready to find his forever home. Is that forever with you? He’s good with older children, dogs don’t bother him in the least, and he loves his snuggles, too!"

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Ever See Such a Cute Monkey?

Shoulder cat. Water baby. "Hold me, please!"

Name: Monkey

Gender: male, to be neutered soon

Breed: DSH tabby

Born: April 2021

Health: Excellent. has first vaccinations, dewormed. Neg. for FIV and Felv.

Activity level: moderate

Best suited to: any sort of family. Has been handled since birth by all ages from toddlers on up. Does well with dogs and other cats.

Monkey is a smaller cat who likes being the baby of the family. He loves to lie in your arms or drape himself over your shoulder for a ride around the house.

One unique characteristic you don't find in many cats -- Monkey likes to take showers and play in water with his peeps! He's so relaxed, he'll roll over for a nice belly rub should one be offered.


  • is litter trained and kennel trained

  • is well socialized, confident and affectionate

  • loves to cuddle with dogs, kids and grown ups

  • loves to watch birds out the window and chatter at them

Take a look at his adorable photos and talk to us about getting some Monkey business in your home!