7 Kittens soon ready for you

Amber gave birth to a team of mini mes in May and they'll be ready for adoption in July. 

Please see our Facebook page or follow Amber and the Gems on their own page updated regularly with the cutest baby pictures you're likely to see. 

We invite you to apply to adopt now and beat the rush!

Sissy the Kitty (aka Kamala)

Breed: DSH calico

Gender: Female, spay pending

Born May 2022

Health: excellent, neg for viral infections, dewormed, vaccinated.

Personality: Loves to cuddle and give kisses! 

So far, she is untested with kids and dogs. A bit bossy with her feline roommate. We'd welcome a trial adoption or foster-adoption where her true colours could come out.

Sissy (or Sis) is a love sponge. Yes, she likes jumping and playing just like any other kitten but after the play comes the cuddling, the attention-seeking, and the purring.

We don't know her backstory other than she was on her own, likely hungry and cold, so she introduced herself to a nice lady at a Virden business on the TransCanada and asked for help. 

She's now safe, warm and well fed, but needs to be in a real home where she can learn what it means to belong to a family. 

Whether you're interested in fostering or adopting, please contact us about Sissy.