Age: 9 Months

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: DSH, Tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test negative (done on mom), vaccinations up to date, dewormed, neutered.

Lupin is the most outgoing boy in his litter. He loves people, kids, dogs... everyone. He's a social boy and would do well in a home with other cats. He doesn't have a care in the world.


Age: 9 months

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH, tortoiseshell

Health: Excellent, snap test done on mom, negative, dewormed, vaccinations up to date, spayed.

Zinnia is a quiet little lady. But she does well with other cats, dogs and small children. She is on the shy side so she would need time to adjust to a new environment and people. She does love affection when she asks for it (typical tortie).


Age: 9 Months

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH, Tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test done on mom, which was negative, vaccinations up to date, spayed, dewormed.

Yarrow tends to be a bit shy to start, but then she does this amazing thing with kids! She just seems to connect with them on their level. She is good with other cats, dogs and great with small children.


Age: 9 months

Gender: neutered male

Breed: Tuxedo, DSH

Health: Excellent, snap test done on mom, negative, vaccinations up to date, dewormed, and neutered.

Gerber is a quiet well mannered boy who loves his humans. He needs a little time to adjust to new people and places. But loves to play with his siblings. (Adopt two of them and share in the fun!) He does well with cats, dogs and small children.


Age: 10 months

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH, Black

Health: Excellent, vaccinations up to date, dewormed, snap test negative, and neutered

Harry the Handsome. Harry the Hunk. This kitten is more than just a pretty face - so laid back and cuddly with his foster friends, both feline and human. You need this character in your life.


Age: 9 months

Gender: Spayed female

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed, fully vaccinated, spayed.

Good with other cats: Yes

Good with dogs: She's learning to love them

Good with children: Yes

Elmah loves everyone. She loves to play, sleep, eat and then start all over again. She is busy, but also likes to cuddle and take life easy. She would make a wonderful addition to just about any family .

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Pancake the Pretzel!

Age: 9 months

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH

Colour: tortoiseshell

Health: excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, fully vaccinated, spayed

Activity Level: medium

Good with Other Cats: yes

Good with Dogs: yes

Good with Small Children: yes

Description: Pancake was found outside during the spring pf 2019 with her sister and her deceased mother (and another deceased sibling). Pancake and her sister had abdominal hernias, but both girls have healed with no side effects.

Pancake is still a kitten so she loves to play! Her favourite toys are lasers and strings, but she also loves stealing pens and barbies and stashing them in her bed! She also still nurses on her bed like a kitten because she lost her mom so young.

When Pancake isn’t playing, she’s sleeping in ridiculous positions - a better name for her may have been “Pretzel”... She loves her cat and dog siblings, and of course her human foster family. Pancake has the sweetest little meow and purrs like crazy the instant she gets attention. If you’re looking for a cuddly cat with lots of love to give, she’s your girl!

Rein: Miracle baby

Age: 6 months

Gender: spayed female

Breed: DSH

Colour: grey tabby

Health: excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, fully vaccinated, spayed, dewormed

Activity level: high (she’s definitely a kitten)

Good with other cats: yes, she loves every one of her foster siblings

Good with dogs: yes, okay with them

Good with small children: once she gets use to them, she’s fine.

Health: Rein is a special needs kitten

Rein came to us in August badly hurt, likely hit by a car. She couldn’t use her back legs at all, totally paralyzed in the back end. When they x-rayed her, it showed a spinal injury right at the base of her tail. We also discovered she couldn’t urinate on her own or control her bowels. She was so little and helpless, we had to help her. I (Kathy) brought this little girl home and thru much trial and error, we have become best buddies. She is now totally mobile!

I express her bladder two to three times a day, and the rest of the time she wears a diaper due to having no bowel control. Due to her special needs, she needs a caregiver who is home most of the time. Her needs are demanding but not overly time consuming once you get the hang of things... and so worth it.

She is truly a special girl with so many special qualities. You have to meet her to fully appreciate her. She does everything a kitten should do, and honestly looks adorable in her diaper. You can’t help but smile when you see her running around with her little diaper butt.

Just the fact that she went from not being able to move her back end at all to running around the house with her little diaper makes her a miracle in our eyes! She loves life, she loves her foster mom, and she loves her feline foster siblings. I feel very privileged to be a small part of her recovery.


Age: 7 months

Breed: DSH

Colour: Ginger tabby

Gender: neutered male

Health: FIV/FeLV negative, Vaccinations up to date, neutered. Parsnip does seem to have a chronic upper respiratory issue, but that doesn't slow him down at all.

Good with other cats: Yes

Good with other dogs: yes

Good with small children: unsure, but being young he would probably adapt.

Parsnip is a pretty chill cat. He can fall asleep just about anywhere - hard kitchen table, even a bag of dog food makes a great bed, according to Parsnip.

Parsnip does seem to always have a runny nose. But he's been vetted for it, and this may just be from when he was so sick. Otherwise, he runs, plays, and sleeps just like any other kitten.

Call us to find out more about Parsnip and his strange sleeping habits!!