Puff the Magic Kitten

Sponsored by Virden Carwash

Born June 29, 2022


Black and white DSH

Health: excellent, vet checked, 1st vaccines, dewormed

Activity level: moderate

Good with: other cats, dogs, children

Puff arrived in rescue dirty, scratched up, and scared. Then she met her foster family, Alicia, Dan and kids, and - well, take a look at the pictures to see her transformation!

Alicia says, "Puff is healthy, happy, and learning to be a relaxed lil kitten. She's finally comfortable enough to play! She still doesn’t really know what to do with toys, but her tail is pretty fun!" (hint: she likes to chase it!)

To see videos of Puff in action, click over to her sponsor's FB page here: Virden Carwash.

NEW: Dion & Cassidy


Born: May 2022


Neutered males

Health: excellent. Both neutered, first shots, neg. FIV, FelV

Good with: other cats. timid around their foster's barky dog, best suited to home with older children, calm dog.

Personality: these two are still getting used to life indoors and so depend on each other for security. But they're great with people they've learned to trust. Slow introductions recommended.

Foster mom says: "They do everything together and with other kitties. They also love getting pets and sleeping with humans. They tolerate our dog but definitely not a fan of him, as he's a rambunctious little guy. We'd love them to get adopted together, they are so bonded."

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Sissy the Kitty

Breed: DSH calico

Gender: Female, spay pending

Born May 2022

Health: excellent, neg for viral infections, dewormed, vaccinated.

Personality: Loves to cuddle and give kisses!

So far, she is untested with kids and dogs. A bit bossy with her feline roommate. We'd welcome a trial adoption or foster-adoption where her true colours could come out.

Sissy (or Sis) is a love sponge. Yes, she likes jumping and playing just like any other kitten but after the play comes the cuddling, the attention-seeking, and the purring.

We don't know her backstory other than she was on her own, likely hungry and cold, so she introduced herself to a nice lady at a Virden business on the TransCanada and asked for help.

She's now safe, warm and well fed, but needs to be in a real home where she can learn what is means to belong to a family.

Whether you're interested in fostering or adopting, please contact us about Sissy.

She's Soft as a "Feather"

Name: Feather

Gender, colour: Female, dove grey tabby

Date of Birth: May 2022

Health: Excellent, no issues.

Good with: Dogs, cats, and kids.

Feather is a mid to high-energy kitten with gorgeous colouring and a really unique dark stripe down her back! She is super adventurous – chasing and riding the Roomba, playing the piano, and going for stroller rides! (see her videos on the VPN Facebook page).

She loves to play and cuddle with her brother, Simon, (which is why he appears in most of her pictures!) but when it comes time for some serious napping, a lap is her favourite place to be.

Feather and Simon were found together in a garbage can when only a few weeks old. They’ve been raised around other cats, a dog, and children, so they are comfortable with it all.

We'd love you to consider adopting them together. Bogo pricing! Adoption information here.

Feather's Brother Simon

Sex: Male

Colour: Brown tabby

Date of Birth: May 2022

Health: Excellent

Good with: his sister Feather, most other cats, dogs and kids.

Simon is a sleepy boy! Unlike Feather, he is a low-energy kitten who likes to hang out in the sunshine and watch the world go by. He likes a good play with toys now and then, cuddling and romping around with Feather, and the occasional stroller ride - but his true happiness is in doing nothing at all.

Simon and Feather were found together in a garbage can at only a few weeks old. They’ve been raised around other cats, a dog, and children, so they are comfortable with it all.

We'd love you to consider adopting them together. Bogo pricing! Adoption information here.

The Perfect Family Cat: DIEGO!

Playful. Affectionate. Confident.

Age: Born Sept. 9, 2021

Gender: Neutered Male

Breed, colour: Ginger & white DSH

Health: Good. Dewormed, neutered, all shots, FIV/FelV neg.

Energy level: Medium

Great with kids, dogs and other cats!

Watch Diego's video here.

Diego's foster mum writes: "Diego is a big old goofball! He’s ridiculous! If you’re relaxing, you will soon find him doing somersaults in your lap for pets.

"He purrs so hard he squeaks. This boy is a born lover, not a fighter. He likes to play, he loves to cuddle in your lap/on your chest/under your blanket. He will demand blanket forts. If you don’t make him one, he’ll make it himself!

He will crawl in your shirt and help himself to a nap. He will demand your love and attention by ramming his face into yours. Diego especially loves having other cats around to cuddle (see the pictures of him with a variety of foster kittens).

Children are the best thing in the world to Diego because they let him lick up crumbs and watch screens way too close.

Diego is growing into a big boy, but he will remain a kitten at heart forever!

Adopters should be aware that he has a skin allergy that requires a special hypoallergenic food.($75 approx. per bag). He may also need an injection once in a while (approx $8 every 2 months).

Best Suited For: A home with kids, dogs and other cats, and plenty of laps for naps.

Diego likes being handled and played with and does well with the noise and chaos of a busy household... doesn't even mind the vacuum!

Diego is fostered in Virden. To get approved for adoption ahead of time - click here. Then come for a visit.

ADOPTED! All three

It's true. There were SEVEN ginger babies in this remarkable litter... Two boys and five girls (highly unusual odds). And they've all been lovingly hand raised by two wonderful foster families. Which means they are well socialized, healthy, playful, confident, fearless, and very affectionate.

Oh, and they love water, cuddling, children and dogs!

All are spayed and vaccinated.

Born May 2022.

Still available for adoption are: Allure (f), Charisma (f), and Aura (f).

ALLURE: Allure loves life in general. She loves cats, dogs, children and even water! She loves her sisters and she loves to snuggle. Her best friend in the world is Charisma.

CHARISMA: Charisma loves to play all day long. She loves children, other cats, dogs, and water! She has one special kitten she loves and that’s her sister, Allure. We would love to see these two girls adopted together.

AURA: Aura fully believes she is a dog! She loves being with dogs, sleeping with dogs (anything with dogs is right up Aura’s alley). Also children, cats, and water!

Just complete an online adoption application. The hard part? Choosing your baby!