Meet Sweet Belvedere

Born: mid-July 2023

Breed: DSH tuxedo manx (bobtail)

Gender: male 

Health: Very good. Dewormed, first vaccinations. Neuter included in adoption fee when old enough.

Ideal home: Belvedere is good with other cats, dogs and children. He appreciates lots of affection... loves to be held and petted and adored. Oh, and giving kisses.

His mustache and goatee give this tiny boy a dapper appearance that makes him seem older than he is. As you can see from the pics, he likes to help his foster mom work at her laptop and insists she take regular breaks to rub his soft, white belly!

He's ready for his furever family so if he's the one for you, apply now!

And then there were FOUR... ginger kittens

Born: June 8, 2023

Genders: Rocket, Murphy and Ziggy are male. Winnie is female. 

All are DSH ginger tabbies. Healthy, dewormed, vaccinated, scheduled for spay/neuter in Nov. (paid for by the rescue)

Their foster mom Sharon says: 

WINNIE: Winnie is the most fearless and inquisitive kitten of her siblings. Nothing will slow her down if she is on a mission! She likes everyone, and everything, including dogs ( she lives with one and has met another)!

ROCKET: Rocket ( Rocky) is Winnie's best buddy. He is curious, persistent, a loving cuddle bug. He hasn't met anyone or anything that he doesn't like!

MURPHY: Murphy is the largest of the bunch. One big purring machine! You just have to walk in the room and he gets his motor into action. He loves to be rocked in your arms like a baby, and to get your attention, he will lay in the middle of the floor on his back until you pick him up for a snuggle!

ZIGGY: is the shy one in the family. He is cool with watching all the action between the dog and the other 3. Ziggy loves to be rocked in your arms, and believe it or not, loves to be with you while cleaning litter boxes! His favorite thing besides cuddling and his bro Murphy, is helping you get items out of the lower kitchen cabinets! Mama's little helper :-) 

For more information or to meet the kittens, contact Sharon Lemay in Reston or pm us at VPN.

And remember, if you adopt two kittens you get a BOGO discount!  

Cat adoption application here.

Precious Gems

Born: May 7, 2023

Breed: DSH or DMH, white with brown tabby markings

Gender: 4 males, 1 female 

Health: Excellent, utd on vaccines, dewormed. All kitten adoptions include free spay-neuter.

Good with: Kids, dogs and other cats. These babes have been well socialized by a family that's very experienced in fostering cats and dogs. That means they are all house trained, gentle, and confident. Perfect companions in fur suits! (and sometimes in costume)

EMERALD: (male) It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... SUPER EMERALD! Em is just the sweetest little purr machine, ready for adoption (and for Halloween!) Check out the plush fur.

JASPER: (male) Independent, snuggly, calm. Loves being in the catio, on the Lazyboy chair, being petted/brushed, and getting new toys! 

PERIDOT: (male) A heckin big boi, but also goofy, fun-loving, goes with the flow. Loves people, but also enjoys bird watching and independent play.

AMETHYST: (male) Calm, gentle, floofy as heck! Loves to snuggle in bed and wrestle.

OPAL: (female) Confident, sweet-tempered, adventurous. Loves fast-moving toys/games, chatting with her little bird voice, and being the leader!

Please visit the Gems on their own Facebook page - it has hundreds of pix from baby to current day plus videos. 

Then apply online for the precious gem of your choice.

Kenzie's Kittens!


Black DSH kittens

3 males: Blackie (adopted!), Gordie (adopted), Mig (available)

1 female: Lucy (adopted)

Age: born in May

Health: excellent. dewormed and 1st vaccinations. Mig has also been neutered.

Located in Virden.

Kenzie is a 13 year old young lady from Virden who found a litter of black kittens roaming without their mother in her neighbourhood. 

So Kenzie, with her mom's support, took the kittens under her wing and raised them into healthy, active felines who are now ready for homes. 

As you can see from the photos, these kitts are well socialized and used to being handled. They live with dogs and other cats in a busy household. 

The male kittens, Mig and Gordy, are ready for whatever you can throw at them! 

At this young age, it would be great if they could go home in pairs or to a home with another cat so they always have a companion when the humans are busy. 

Jump over to our adoption application to get yours.

Greek Gods family

Hera: calico mama cat (born 2021 or 2022)

Adonis (m) Apollo (m) Artemis (f) Athena (f) Born March or April 2023

The entire family was living rough in the area of Queen St. East, Virden, with several concerned citizens keeping an eye on them, putting out food, and getting them used to being around humans. 

They were trapped and brought into rescue in early August and here they are, healthy, curious, busy and adorable!

Foster mom Alicia Gooden says: 

Mom is a year or two old and we’ve named her Hera. She will be spayed soon! Keep an eye out for more pictures of her. 

Apollo is a brave ginger boy who likes to play and protect his sisters.

Adonis is a mellow ginger and white boy who likes to hang out by the window.

Artemis is a feisty calico girl who loves to climb and explore.

Athena is a dilute calico girl who is quiet and the shyest of the litter.

Follow the family on our Facebook page as they grow and learn.

The Storybook Gang 

Six little Orphans and how they grew!

Born: Sept. 18, 2023

Breed: DSH, a colourful family of gingers and calicos

Gender: 2 boys (Stuart Little, Christopher Robin) and 4 girls (Matilda, Fern, Heidi, and Dorothy)

They may be a few weeks away from their adoption date, but these kittens are already planning their futures. 

They had to grow up quickly as they were orphaned just days after their birth. A sad start to what we hope will be a "storybook" life when they go to their forever homes. 

They were bottle fed by their loving foster mum Erin and have now transitioned to solid food. Growing up with kids, dogs and plenty of other cats, these angels will be fully socialized making them ideal pets, even for busy households. 

And remember, kittens do better when they live with a sibling. So we offer a 50% BOGO deal if you adopt two! 

Send in your application today... no obligation but if approved, you are guaranteed the kitten of your choice when they're old enough to join you.