Buttercup would like to spend every holiday with YOU!

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Age: 4-5 months

Breed: Calico-tabby shorthair

Gender: female

Health: excellent. Had check up, deworm, 1st vaccinations.

Personality: Confident, playful, enjoys kids, dogs and other cats.

She's at that PERFECT age... still full of kitten fun but learning some grown up manners. If you've been waiting for just the right kitten for your family -- one who will get along with your other pets, play with your kids, and curl up in your lap to watch TV -- she is here, waiting.

Visit our Adoptions Page to download an application, and let's get this purr party started.

More photos of Buttercup here, posted by her foster mom.

See Buttercup in action in this short video as she plays with her hooman brother. And this video shows her gorgeous markings.

TOFU: Part vanilla, part caramel, ALL sweetness! (ADOPTION PENDING)

Age: 7 months

Gender: male, neutered

Breed: shorthair

Colour: white with caramel markings

Health: excellent, vet exam, deworm, neuter and first shots.

Temperament: good with children, dogs, and other cats. Plays gently. Loves cuddles.

Foster mum says:

“He is a very sweet boy that seems to win over the heart of everyone he meets. Don’t let that playful look in his eye fool you, because as much as he loves his new toys, he seems to be an expert at gentle play. His absolute favourite thing is to get pets and cuddles. He is constantly purring and is relieved to be safe and warm and off the streets. He would make a “purr”fect addition to any home. He is good with other cats, our dog, and our three young kids.”

Catrina the Calico

Age: 5 months

Gender: female

Breed: Calico shorthair

Health: Excellent. First vet visit, deworm, vaccinations. Spay certificate included with adoption fee. Felv/FIV negative

Good with cats. Sometimes okay with dog. Untested with children.

Foster mom says:

"She is a sweetheart who stays more to herself and is a bit skittish at times. She seems to like other cats - she does play with my one cat.

She seems to like our dog at times as well but she is scared of her too. I would say she would be fine with kids - likely would just run away from them.

She does have a bladder infection right now so I’m having to treat her with antibiotics twice a day which isn’t really helping her elusive behaviour. I think with a little time with the right people she would warm up quickly."

Best suited to quiet home where she can either be sociable or quiet as she wants. With correct introductions, would likely be good with dogs, other cats and older children who respect her boundaries.

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Hand-Reared Kittens love dogs, kids and other cats

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Hand-reared kittens ready to go

This litter of four cutie patooties are part of a managed colony in Routledge, a small community East of Virden. They were born in the house and have been handled since birth by three generations of one family including kids from 18 months old and up, and a couple of dogs. They can handle any kind of mayhem!

  • born end of April 2021

  • litter trained and kennel trained

  • well socialized, confident and affectionate

  • love to cuddle with dogs, kids and grown ups

  • love to lay on their backs in your arms or draped over a shoulder

  • love to watch birds at the window and chatter at them

Their vaccinations, deworming and neuter surgery are included in the adoption fee. Adopt two kittens by August 31, 2021 and get the second free!

Full of Colour and Cuteness... Meet the Pretty Litter!

Sawyer (m)

Paisley (f)

(l-r) Paisley, Sawyer & Tucker

Tucker (m)

Sawyer chilling in the sink

The Pretty Litter:

Finn (m, ginger tabby), ADOPTED

Paisley (f, tortoiseshell),

Tucker (m, ginger tabby + white)

Sawyer (m, ginger tabby + white)

Age: 20 weeks at Sept. 22

Health: Excellent. Dewormed and 1st shots. Spay neuter included in adoption fee.

These well adjusted kittens are ready to rock your world. They've been socialized in a home with lots of pet action, so will do well with other cats and dogs, kids too!

Foster mom sums them up in a word: Perfection.

Paisley (female) - I’m the only girl left in my litter but I can keep up just fine with my brothers! I love to snuggle with my foster mom and even my brothers! My foster mom said I have such an even, loveable personality!

Sawyer (male) - my foster mom always says I'm the softest out of the bunch! Then she reminds me that she’s talking about my gentle personality! I do like to play but I also love quiet time with my foster mom where she holds me like a baby and gives me lots of kisses!

Tucker (male) - I'm the wild child out of the bunch! I could play 24/7!! I love to play, play, play! I will stop for a minute to eat or get a cuddle and kiss, and then guess what, I want to play more!!"

All four of these sweeties have amazing temperaments, love dogs, other cats, kids, you name it!! They all eat well and have PERFECT litter box manners!!

Remember, if you adopt two, the second kitten is half the regular adoption fee. Click our Adoptions page for more info.

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Ginger Bliss: Sage, Dandelion (ADOPTION PENDING!)

Kittens age: 10 weeks

Sage: male Dandelion: female

Breed: DSH

Colour: Sage is buff tabby, Dandelion is orange tabby, Sunshine is orange tabby

All are vet checked, dewormed, and come with a free spay-neuter certificate.

Foster mom says:

Sage and Dandy:

These extremely well socialized babies and their lovely mum would be suited in almost any home! Sunshine will need a slow intro to new people and pets, but gets along so well with everyone. All three are your typical ginger cat; feed them, tell them they're pretty, and they're your BFF.

Visit their dedicated Facebook page to see videos and more pix.

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Nala and Mufasa: Bro & Sis

(use buttons or arrows to see all photos)

Age: 11 months

Genders: Nala: spayed female, Mufasa: neutered male

Good with cats: Yes! They love romping and racing with other felines

Good with dogs: untested but likely would adapt

Good with children: untested but likely would adapt

Health: Excellent. Both vaccinated, dewormed, and fixed. Negative for feline viruses.

Nala and Mufasa can be adopted separately or together. They came into rescue with their mother KitKat (see her in the adult cat listings) and have been happy indoor cats ever since.

Foster mom says: They are great with the other cats in the house, never been around dogs. Nala and Mufasa love the windows, snuggles and laying on all my papers or computer while I’m doing schoolwork!

"I’ve always got a train of kittens no matter where I go in the house. Mufasa has quite the voice, but he only uses it if you aren’t petting him when he wants love!

"It’s never a dull moment watching the 2 of them (or 4 including my boys) zooming around the house, you’d think my couches were a racetrack, LOL."

Adopt separately... or together and save half the fee.