Low Cost Spay-Neuter

Don't need another litter?

Our Low Cost Spay-Neuter (LCSN) Program reduces your cost of a spay or neuter to about 1/3 of the regular rates. It covers dogs and cats over 5 months of age including barn cats. 

The program runs year-round and is jointly funded by Virden Pet Network and Virden Animal Hospital. Our mutual goal is to curb the explosion of unwanted litters and improve the health and behaviour of wanted pets while helping low income pet owners. 

Limitations: PLEASE read before applying

The LCSN program is open only to rural and small town residents of south western Manitoba. As a result of heavy surgical volumes at Virden Animal Hospital, our partner in this program, for the time being we are limiting availability to residents of the following towns and surrounding areas: 

Virden, Elkhorn, Oak Lake, Griswold, Hartney, Pipestone, Reston, Hamiota, Miniota, Birtle, Kenton, Lenore, Cromer, Kola Unfortunately, we can no longer accommodate Brandon residents due to limited resources. 

Limit of ONE PET (cat or dog) per household until further notice. (no limits on barn cats)  This rule is made necessary by the shortage of small animal veterinarians at Virden Animal Hospital. When the situation changes, we will consider changing this limitation.

Redvers Vet Clinic (Head for the Hills) is now an option for those willing and able to bring their pets the extra distance to take advantage of low cost spay-neuter surgeries. Use the same application and indicate your interest in using the Redvers option. PLEASE NOTE the Redvers rates may differ from what is posted below, which are Virden vet rates.

Please be aware that the LCSN program is only for those with limited incomes. 

We now require proof of income to accompany ALL applications. This can be your CRA Notice of Assessment from your most recent tax return or other official document that clearly states annual income earned by EACH adult in the home.

LCSN Rates (as of Oct. 2022): 

Cat neuter: $60

Cat spay: $75

Dog neuter: $95

Dog spay: $110

*Please note, if your pet is overweight, pregnant or lactating, you may be charged an extra fee by the clinic as these surgeries are more difficult and time consuming.

**The vet clinic may recommend other services such as vaccinations and deworming. The LCSN program does not cover those expenses. 

The Low Cost Spay Neuter program 

is proudly sponsored by 

Valleyview Co-op.

How to Apply:

I. Online: Click here to complete online application. Please remember to include your CRA Notice of Assessment or other proof of income for all adults in the home. 

II. On paper:

If approved, you'll receive a certificate to present at the vet clinic on the day of your pet's surgery. Or the certificate can be left for you at the clinic on request.

Questions? Contact LCSN program manager Bev Bailey at 204-851-0482 or email bevbailey1947@gmail.com 

LCSN application 2021.pdf