Adult Cats

The Perfect Family Cat: DIEGO

From cuddly kitty to goofball in a heartbeat!

Age: Born Sept. 9, 2021

Gender: Neutered Male

Breed, colour: Ginger & white DSH

Health: Good. Dewormed, neutered, all shots, FIV/FelV neg.

Energy level: Medium

Great with kids, dogs and other cats! Look at his slide show and see for yourself!

Watch Diego's video here.

Diego's foster mum writes: "Diego is a big old goofball! He’s ridiculous! If you’re relaxing, you will soon find him doing somersaults in your lap for pets.

"He purrs so hard he squeaks. This boy is a born lover, not a fighter. He likes to play, he loves to cuddle in your lap/on your chest/under your blanket. He will demand blanket forts. If you don’t make him one, he’ll make it himself!

He will crawl in your shirt and help himself to a nap. He will demand your love and attention by ramming his face into yours. Diego especially loves having other cats around to cuddle (see the pictures of him with a variety of foster kittens).

Children are the best thing in the world to Diego because they let him lick up crumbs and watch screens way too close.

Diego is growing into a big boy, but he will remain a kitten at heart forever!

Adopters should be aware that he has a skin allergy that requires a special hypoallergenic food.($75 approx. per bag). He may also need an injection once in a while (approx $8 every 2 months).

Best Suited For: A home with kids, dogs and other cats, and plenty of laps for naps.

Diego likes being handled and played with and does well with the noise and chaos of a busy household... doesn't even mind the vacuum!

Diego is fostered in Virden. To get approved for adoption ahead of time - click here. Then come for a visit.

Gracie: ADOPTED!

Fair of face and full of grace!

Gender: Spayed female

Colour & Breed: Brown tabby, DSH

Born: Feb. 23, 2020

Activity level: medium

Health: Spayed, utd on vaccines, FIV - FelV negative, dewormed.

Gracie's a wee little girl who loves to cuddle and relax in comfy places. Her foster mum says she loves to play with toys and people's fingers, if given the opportunity! She sometimes gives a nip, so would need to be taught a few manners to live with very small kids. She goes from sweet to salty and back to sweet in a flash!

Gracie tolerates her foster family's dog, likes one of the cats and chases the other. So ya, salty and sweet!

Super soft fur and gentle eyes that look at you with love and affection. That's our Gracie. And she could be yours.

Click here to apply.

Diesel: Sweet Senior with Lots to Give

Sponsored by Dawn Danielson, Erika and Emily

Adoption fee paid for approved adopter

Age: about 13-16 years old

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: excellent, he is FIV positive, but is not showing any health issues. Eats well and uses his litter box without fail.

Activity level: low

Likes: tolerates adult cats but really enjoys kittens. Ignores dogs and likes older kids.

Diesel is a quiet cat, who would love to live out his retirement years in the comfort of a quiet home.

He would be fine as an only cat. Diesel spends his day napping, eating and then napping some more. He would love to be able to curl up beside his human and just nap. He’s not a big cuddle cat, but he does love laying with you when you’re watching tv or just sitting quietly. He patiently waits for his food and he loves to eat in his dog crate. If you are looking for an older, wiser cat who is patient and kind, Diesel is your cat.

Fill out an adoption application today and get this boy into your life.

Frankie: ADOPTED!

Born: Spring 2020

Breed: DSH white

Gender: spayed female

Energy level: medium

Health: excellent. spayed, utd on shots, FIV - FelV negative, dewormed.

Good with other cats. Good with dogs. Untested with children but likely okay given her relaxed temperament.

Foster mom tells us: "Frankie is a very social girl. She gets along with other cats and has been around foster dogs with no issues.

"She loves to play with her toys and her foster brother kitties. Frankie loves to curl up with her humans when she wants attention or will just find a quiet hidey hole to grab a nap. I think she'd fit into any home, she's so chill."

Joy is: Having your very own silver tabby!

Born May 1, 2020

Spayed female

Short haired silver tabby

Health: utd on shots, dewormed, spayed, exc. health.

Activity level: moderate

Joy is: good with dogs. good with older children who know how to handle cats. Joy would be best suited as an only cat. Gradual introduction recommended.

Joy is a young silver tabby who came into rescue with some physical signs of her previous life: One ear tip frozen off, skinny and hungry, in heat and having some difficulty settling down indoors.

But we're happy to say that Joy has found her groove!

Getting spayed took the edge off her wanderlust and Joy has now settled into domestic life with her wonderful foster mom who calls her "JoyJoy" and says:

"JoyJoy took a while to warm up to me but she sleeps beside me now. She is still very shy and still hisses at my other cats sometimes. I think she would do very well in a house where she gets all the attention."

Joy is fostered in Pipestone. Talk to us if you'd like to meet her in person or chat with her foster. This little gal has lived, seen some hard times, and is ready to settle down. Could you be her destiny?

Lolly gives hugs

Age: 3 years

Gender: spayed female

Breed: DSH grey tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test negative for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated, dewormed. She does have some special needs when it comes to her diet. She has IBD, and requires special food from the vet. She takes prednisolone every other day, to help control the IBD (irritable bowel disease).

Activity level: low to moderate.

Lolly has come so far since she came into rescue. We never thought we would see her hugging a human... but it happened! From her foster mom, "When Lolly first came to live with us a year ago I NEVER thought she would ever be a cuddly cat. She was always really sweet to us and liked people but she was an independent woman and preferred to walk around on her own and definitely didn’t want to be carried or held. People often say that it’s us and that we have a way with animals but this... this is all her, LOL! This girl has been full of surprises this past year. I’m so proud of her for choosing to branch out and try new things. Now she shares her bed with them. I often find them all sleeping in a pile and she’ll be right in the middle ❤️. Lolly is a perfect example of how sometimes all someone needs is time to figure things out on their own."

If Lolly sounds like a girl that could fit into your home, please give us a call!

Panda (ADOPTED!!)

Maddie: Tortie magic!

Breed: Tortoiseshell DSH

Gender: Spayed Female

Maddie came to us as a very shy, quiet girl, and is now ready to be adopted. She takes a while to warm up to you, but once she does, she looks forward to being on the receiving end of the affection. She is learning to play and get along with her foster brothers and sisters. She is a lovely young lady with wonderful house manners. Call today to find out more about our Maddie.

Marcelline (ADOPTED)

Age: Born 2020

Gender: spayed female

Health: Excellent. FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinations up to date.

Activity Level: Busy. But, when this girl naps she naps hard.

Marceline is pretty sneaky or so she thinks. She hid under the bed until both my husband and I were tucked in and then joined us, not realizing it’s okay to sleep with us.

She is still waiting for her forever family. Can it be your bed she’s waiting for?

Marceline is a very sweet girl, who does well with other animals (it takes her a while to get use to dogs but she learns to love them). Loud noises seem to still scare her, probably something that will get better with time. She does very well with children who are old enough to respect her space. She does need time to warm up to you but after that she’s your buddy for life.

Marbles (ADOPTED!)

Age: mature adult

Gender: neutered male

Health: excellent, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: low

Marbles is a very lovable kitty. He loves snuggles. Doesn't like toys or catnip. He prefers to just hang out with his humans. He's not a huge fan of being picked up. He lets you know when he wants to be pet and he makes you pet him. He can be playful when he wants to be. Any family would be lucky to have this big baby.

He has the most stunning golden eyes! They just melt your heart!

Puss: Ginger Love

Age: about 5 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Ginger tabby

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: moderate

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: yes

Good with small children: Puss would do better with older children (teenager)

Puss came to us from the pound. He started off pretty scared of us human folk, but, he now adores his foster mom. He comes to her for cuddles and attention.

As with any change, cats need a little time to adjust to a new home. But Puss has proven that he welcomes the chance for a new beginning where he can show you the wonder of ginger love!

Yarrow: Loves kids

Age: born 2020

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH, Tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test done on mom, which was negative, vaccinations up to date, spayed, dewormed

To say that Yarrow loves children is an understatement. She is fairly quiet and tends to be a bit shy to start, but then she does this amazing thing with children.

She is a lovely little lady, who is good with other cats, good with dogs and great with small children.