Age: 10 years or so

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: FIV positive, but healthy. Fully vaccinated, neutered

Activity level: low

Good with other cats: he tolerates them, would be best as an only cat

Good with dogs: tolerates them.

Good with small children: great with children and adults

Diesel had been coming around a home for the last three years. The man fed him and looked out for Diesel but then had to move. A lady started to look after Diesel and brought him into her home, hoping she could keep him. Diesel then paid the woman back by inappropriately urinating around her home. We said we could help her with the big guy and then it was discovered he had a tattoo!! His tattoo actually traced back to VPN!

So, welcome back to VPN, Diesel. Diesel is a solitary kind of guy, who loves his humans. Since coming back to us, he seems to have stopped the inappropriate urinating. We have him on a special calming urinary food which seems to have helped him a lot.

He is kennel trained to go in there to eat his meals. He patiently waits there to be fed... It’s pretty sweet.

Diesel would make a great companion for a quiet family, who have no other animals. He is definitely set in his ways and prefers to be left alone by other felines. But he loves his human pats and sleeping beside you, curled up on the couch. He loves to talk and give head boops to his peeps!

He is such a sweet old guy who just wants to enjoy his retirement in peace and quiet.

Gus the Gorgeous

Age: 9 yrs.

Breed: DLH

Gender: Neutered male

Colour: Grey/white with a wonderful little mustache and white boots

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered

Good with other cats: would do better with calm, confident cats.

Good with dogs: untested

Good with children: untested, but probably best suited to older children.

Gus was a feral cat, who was rescued from the pound. He was very scared of people. It took quite awhile for him to come around and realize that humans can be kind.

He loves to be brushed and LOVES to be fed! He looks forward to cuddle time, as well. He's still pretty shy around new people. Gus needs someone who is willing to let him come to them, on Gus's terms. But once he gets to know you, you will experience a love like no other.

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Age: Adult

Breed: DLH

Colour: White with black markings and a neat little black goatee.

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, current vaccinations

Activity level: low to moderate

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: untested

Good with small children: we feel Panda would do better in a home with older children.

Panda takes a while to settle in with new friends. He is shy, and picks one person to be loyal to. We feel Panda would do well in a home, where he could have his space, and have some control over when he accepts you as his human.

Panda does love to be brushed by his foster mom, so with treats and brushes, he could be won over. He is a very sweet boy, once he learns that he can trust you. And that gorgeous long fur and chubby cheeks are icing on the cake!


Age: Adult cat

Gender: spayed female

Colour: Black with sprinkles of stardust in her fur.

Health: Excellent, snap test negative, vaccinations up to date

Activity level: low to moderate

Stardust's eyes will melt you, and so will her glossy velveteen fur. She's a queen and she knows it. So she needs a home where she is the only cat. She enjoys her play time and loves to sit and cuddle. This lovely lady would be happy to share her love with you, and really wants to be your main squeeze! Are you free tonight for a first date?

Foster the Wonder Kitty

Age:4 years

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Color: ginger/white

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed, vaccinations up to date.

Good with other cats: untested. He has not been exposed to other cats but would probably be fine with proper introductions.

Good with dogs: untested.

Good with children: probably best with older children.

Foster had a rough life before he came into rescue. He was scared of humans, he had a horrible eye infection, and was underweight. His finder took her time gaining his trust before attempting to capture him. Foster needed to have one of his eyes removed and surgery on the other to save it. Foster is doing just fine as a one-eyed pirate cat!

Foster has learned that humans can be kind, and his true, gentle personality has blossomed. His favourite things to do are play and cuddle. He loves to be brushed and to just sit in your lap.

He may take some time to get comfortable with a new family, but once he does he's your best friend.

He would probably do best in a home without small children but may get along well with other animals. He needs someone who can spend time with him. He is a very devoted and loving pet and will make his next family very happy.

Lolly gives hugs

Age: 3 years

Gender: spayed female

Breed: DSH grey tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test negative for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated, dewormed. She does have some special needs when it comes to her diet. She has IBD, and requires special food from the vet. She takes prednisolone every other day, to help control the IBD (irritable bowel disease).

Activity level: low to moderate.

Lolly has come so far since she came into rescue. We never thought we would see her hugging a human... but it happened! From her foster mom, "When Lolly first came to live with us a year ago I NEVER thought she would ever be a cuddly cat. She was always really sweet to us and liked people but she was an independent woman and preferred to walk around on her own and definitely didn’t want to be carried or held. People often say that it’s us and that we have a way with animals but this... this is all her, LOL! This girl has been full of surprises this past year. I’m so proud of her for choosing to branch out and try new things. Now she shares her bed with them. I often find them all sleeping in a pile and she’ll be right in the middle ❤️. Lolly is a perfect example of how sometimes all someone needs is time to figure things out on their own."

If Lolly sounds like a girl that could fit into your home, please give us a call!

Maddie: Tortie magic!

Breed: Tortoiseshell DSH

Gender: Spayed Female

Maddie came to us as a very shy, quiet girl, and is now ready to be adopted. She takes a while to warm up to you, but once she does, she looks forward to being on the receiving end of the affection. She is learning to play and get along with her foster brothers and sisters. She is a lovely young lady with wonderful house manners. Call today to find out more about our Maddie.


Age: mature adult

Gender: neutered male

Health: excellent, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: low

Marbles is a very lovable kitty. He'll take snuggles over toys and catnip - any day! He prefers to just hang out with his humans. He's not a huge fan of being picked up and he lets you know when it's time for petting! But he can be playful when he wants to be. Any family would be lucky to have this big baby.

Marbles does need to be on a special diet, as other food causes him to have severe diarrhea.

Talia & Copper

Ages: Talia is about three and Copper is about two years old

Gender: Both spayed females

Health: Talia is FIV positive, but is healthy. Copper is a healthy young lady, FIV/FeLV negative.

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: untested

Good with small children: they would do better in a home with older children (teenagers)

Talia came to us as a young mom. Talia and Copper have developed a strong mother-daughter bond and we would love to see them get adopted together.

They are shy girls who will need time to adjust to their new home, but, with time and patience, they will show you the true meaning of unconditional love.


Age: 10 months

Gender: spayed female

Health: Excellent. FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinations up to date.

Activity Level: Busy. But, when this girl naps she naps hard.

Marceline is pretty sneaky or so she thinks. She hid under the bed until both my husband and I were tucked in and then joined us, not realizing it’s okay to sleep with us.

She is still waiting for her forever family. Can it be your bed she’s waiting for?

Marceline is a very sweet girl, who does well with other animals (it takes her a while to get use to dogs but she learns to love them). Loud noises seem to still scare her, probably something that will get better with time. She does very well with children who are old enough to respect her space. She does need time to warm up to you but after that she’s your buddy for life.


Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Female

Black DSH

Activity Level: Low

Good With Cats: Extremely

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Kids: No

Health: Excellent. Negative for FIV and FeLV. Shots up-to-date and spayed.

Special Needs: Mary is a typical "fraidy cat". She absolutely adores other cats, and immediately takes on a motherly role to ensure her cat housemates are all nice and clean and that they always have a snuggle buddy! Being a fraidy cat she needs time to warm up to people (she's not aggressive with anyone, just scared), but that makes all the steps she makes that much more tender and sweet. She needs someone who will be patient with her, and in return she will give you a bond like no other.


Age: 3 -5 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: Ginger, DSH

Health: Excellent, Negative for FIV/FeLV, neutered, dewormed, vaccinated.

Activity level: low to moderate

Squash never has a bad day. He is always in a good mood. He loves to chat to you, and you can have a great conversation with him. As his foster mom says, "Him being in a constant good mood is actually quite inspiring."

Squash loves nothing better than to be with his people. He knows no boundaries and constantly wants to be near you.

Squash has never really been around dogs, so we are unsure of what he would be like with them. He is great with cats.

We are also unsure of what he would be like with smaller children, so we think it would be best for Squash to be in a home with older children (10 and up), maybe a quieter dog.

So if you are looking for a great cat to celebrate March 17th with, look no further, Squash could just be the cat you're looking for.


Age: 7 Years

Colour: Brown tabby

Breed: DSH

Health: Excellent, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV/FeLV negative, neutered

Activity level: Low

Good with cats: enjoys the company of quieter, older cats.

Good with dogs: He puts up with them, would prefer not to!

Good with children: Yes, he loves his foster mom's grandson.

Some guys are really low maintenance. Like Moonbeam. As long as he can get a pat, and food, he is happy. He loves when the grandchildren come to visit, cause that means cuddle time with them. His favorite time of day is evening, when the family is watching TV and he can curl up and watch with them.

Moonbeam truly is a wonderful quiet boy, who just wants to be loved and accepted.

Please consider giving an older cat a chance at a forever home. They are often the most overlooked cats in a rescue or shelter, and loving them can be so rewarding.

Stubby (rub my tummy!)

Age: 1 year

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: Healthy (FIV+), vaccinated, dewormed.

Activity level: Active, but does enjoy power naps.

Good with cats: with his FIV, he either needs to be an only cat or careful introductions to another laidback feline.

Good with dogs: Yes, once he is used to them

Good with Children: he likes a quiet life so would be better with older kids.

Yes, there's a story behind his name. Stubby was found as a stray, and needed urgent medical attention due to an injury to his tail that resulted in a partial amputation. He has recovered very well from his surgery and is now ready to find his place in the world. Stubby was a little shy to begin with, but is making great progress. If we can get him settled into a quiet home, we are sure he would do very well there.


Age: 4 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Ginger tabby

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: moderate

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: untested

Good with small children: Puss would do better with older children or teenagers.

Puss came to us from the Virden pound and started off pretty scared of us human folk, but, he now adores his foster mom. He comes to her for cuddles and attention.

We think that with time and patience, Puss would accept his adopter as his new best friend. If you've ever had a ginger cat, you know their capacity for affection and loyalty.


Breed: DSH tuxedo cat

Colour: black & white

Gender: Spayed female

Age: 9 yrs

Size: Average and well rounded!

Activity Level: moderate

Good with dogs: scared at first but does come around

Good with other cats: no

Good with kids: untested

Special needs: just lots of loving!

Health: excellent


Age: 5 years

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black with a little white dot on her collarbone and a little white belly

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed, vaccinated

Good with other cats: Yes

Good with dogs: yes, with proper introductions

Good with children: would do best with older children

Ruby hasn't had much luck with previous adoptions, and has been returned to the rescue twice. No fault of hers, she just seems to need to be in a wacky household with other cats, dogs, to make her feel more confident. She is a very quiet, content little lady. She loves cat naps and cat nip! Very independent as long as she has other cats with her. If you can give Ruby the busy kind of home she needs, please call us today. (She qualifies for the waived adoption fee for black cats.)

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