Marlowe: Family cat seeks a family

Gender: spayed female

Breed: black DSH

Age: approx. 3

Health: excellent. Spayed, utd on shots, negative for FIV/FelV

Good with dogs: even the big ones!

Good with cats: yep

Good with youngsters: untested but likely will do fine in any household

Marlowe has been wandering (her name means wanderer) the countryside around Reston most of her short life. When we caught and brought her to live inside, she quickly adjusted and was happy to say goodbye to her tough old life as a stray, churning out one litter after another.

As soon as she sees you reaching out to her, she will flop at your feet to get her head scratched. She is one laidback and affectionate kitty!

She gets along with the big dog and other cats in her foster home. This social butterfly is also learning just how much fun it is to play with toys in her leisure time, rather than constant hunting and scrounging for meals and a safe place to sleep.

She loves to be near her human getting stroked and adored. In short, she’s a black cat. And we all know how wonderful they are!

Marlowe is one very well-behaved young lady who would make an awesome addition to any family.

Rein: A Very Special Girl

Age: Two years

Gender: spayed female

Breed: DSH

Colour: grey tabby

Health: FIV/FeLV negative, fully vaccinated, spayed, dewormed. Rein is a special needs kitten.

Activity level: high

Good with other cats: yes, she loves every one of her foster siblings

Good with dogs: yes

Good with small children: once she gets use to them, she’s fine.

Rein came to us badly hurt, likely hit by a car. She couldn’t use her back legs at all, totally paralyzed in the back end. X-rays showed a spinal injury right at the base of her tail. We also discovered she couldn’t urinate on her own or control her bowels. She was so little and helpless, we had to help her.

Kathy brought this little girl home and through much trial and error, her rehabilitation has been a great success. Rein is now totally mobile!

Although she had to wear diapers for a few months, Kathy now stimulates her to pee and poo so Rein can get on with her busy day.

Kathy can easily show a potential adopter how to do this, so you can also have a normal life with Rein.

And as Kathy says, "She is truly a special girl with so many special qualities. You have to meet her to fully appreciate her. She does everything a young cat should do."

Just the fact that she went from not being able to move her back end at all to running around the house like a normal kitten makes her a miracle in our eyes! She loves life, loves her foster mom, and loves her feline foster siblings. We feel very privileged to be a part of her recovery.

Talk to us about the joy and satisfaction you get from special needs babies like Rein.

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Cynder: Bobtail Russian Blue beauty

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Age: 5 years

Breed: Russian Blue (silver-grey) with bobtail

Gender: Neutered male

Health: utd on vaccinations, exc. health, partial tail due to injury

Best suited to a home with: Adults, older children. Untested with dogs. Prefers to be an only cat.

Cynder’s Tinder ad:

I am a handsome grey-haired gentleman looking for love. I’m 5 years old. That’s 36 in human years. Just about right age to settle in to a monogamous relationship don’t you think? I’ve had all my shots, and don’t have any weird fetishes (except for lap dancing).

I’ve lived my entire life indoors so have no desire to go outside. I get my exercise galloping up and down the hall chasing toys. I like playing with catnip toys, a laser, or even a shoelace. If you toss me a treat, I’ll catch it in mid-air and I never miss!

I like sitting near the window to watch the birds and give little chattering noises at them. I like most kinds of music, in fact, jazz puts me to sleep.

I have a great appetite and will eat most anything. And I’m housetrained, with great litter box etiquette. Oh, and I never scratch the furniture and always use the post.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m an amputee. I lost half my tail in the war. Used up one of my nine lives that time!

When you come home after a hard day at work, I’ll meet you at the door wearing nothing but my fur coat and hand you a martini. My purrfect date is to spend the evening lying in your lap gazing up at you soulfully with my big round owl eyes, and give a low rumbling purr.

To answer this ad, contact adoptions manager, or pm the Virden Pet Network Facebook page, or download an adoption application from

To see me in action and hear me purr, CLICK HERE!

Diesel: a senior who has waited a long time

Age: 13 years

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: FIV positive, but healthy. Fully vaccinated, neutered

Activity level: low

Good with other cats: he doesn't mind the company of one or two other cats.

Good with dogs: tolerates them.

Good with small children: great with children, and adults

Diesel is a solitary kind of guy who loves his humans. He is such a sweet cat, who just wants to enjoy his retirement in a peaceful home with someone to cuddle with.

Diesel would make a great companion for a quiet family, who have no more than one or two other animals. Diesel doesn't seem to mind a couple feline friends, but he especially loves his human pats, and to be able to sleep beside you, curled up on the couch. He loves to talk to you and give head boops!

Diesel's special talent: He goes into his happy place, his kennel, to eat his meals, patiently waiting for his foster parents to feed him in there.

His story: Diesel had been coming around a home for several years. The man fed and looked out for him, but then had to move. A lady started to look after him and brought him into her home, but that didn't work out. We offered to help her with the big guy and then discovered he had a tattoo that traced back to VPN! So he came back to us and has been in foster care a long time, waiting for his special someone.

Diesel cat

Gus the Gorgeous: Adoption pending!

Age: Senior adult

Breed: DLH

Gender: Neutered male

Colour: Grey/white with a wonderful little mustache and white boots

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered

Good with other cats: would do better with calm, confident cats.

Good with dogs: untested

Good with children: untested, but probably best suited to older children.

Gus was a feral cat, who was rescued from the pound. He was very scared of people. It took quite awhile for him to come around and realize that humans can be kind.

He loves to be brushed and LOVES to be fed! He looks forward to cuddle time, as well.

He's still pretty shy around new people. Gus needs someone who is willing to let him come to them, on Gus's terms. But once he gets to know you, you will experience a love like no other.

Lolly gives hugs

Age: 3 years

Gender: spayed female

Breed: DSH grey tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test negative for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated, dewormed. She does have some special needs when it comes to her diet. She has IBD, and requires special food from the vet. She takes prednisolone every other day, to help control the IBD (irritable bowel disease).

Activity level: low to moderate.

Lolly has come so far since she came into rescue. We never thought we would see her hugging a human... but it happened! From her foster mom, "When Lolly first came to live with us a year ago I NEVER thought she would ever be a cuddly cat. She was always really sweet to us and liked people but she was an independent woman and preferred to walk around on her own and definitely didn’t want to be carried or held. People often say that it’s us and that we have a way with animals but this... this is all her, LOL! This girl has been full of surprises this past year. I’m so proud of her for choosing to branch out and try new things. Now she shares her bed with them. I often find them all sleeping in a pile and she’ll be right in the middle ❤️. Lolly is a perfect example of how sometimes all someone needs is time to figure things out on their own."

If Lolly sounds like a girl that could fit into your home, please give us a call!

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Age: Adult

Breed: DLH

Colour: White with black markings and a neat little black goatee.

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative, current vaccinations

Activity level: low to moderate

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: untested

Ideal home: Quiet home with one or two people, Prefers women after spending much time with his foster mom.

Panda takes a while to settle in with new friends. He is shy, and picks one person to be loyal to. It will take a little time, but his loyalty and affection is worth the wait.

Panda does love to be brushed by his foster mom, so with treats and brushes, he could be won over. And that gorgeous long fur and chubby cheeks are icing on the cake!

Maddie: Tortie magic!

Breed: Tortoiseshell DSH

Gender: Spayed Female

Maddie came to us as a very shy, quiet girl, and is now ready to be adopted. She takes a while to warm up to you, but once she does, she looks forward to being on the receiving end of the affection. She is learning to play and get along with her foster brothers and sisters. She is a lovely young lady with wonderful house manners. Call today to find out more about our Maddie.


Age: 10 months

Gender: spayed female

Health: Excellent. FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinations up to date.

Activity Level: Busy. But, when this girl naps she naps hard.

Marceline is pretty sneaky or so she thinks. She hid under the bed until both my husband and I were tucked in and then joined us, not realizing it’s okay to sleep with us.

She is still waiting for her forever family. Can it be your bed she’s waiting for?

Marceline is a very sweet girl, who does well with other animals (it takes her a while to get use to dogs but she learns to love them). Loud noises seem to still scare her, probably something that will get better with time. She does very well with children who are old enough to respect her space. She does need time to warm up to you but after that she’s your buddy for life.

Lynx: Oh those eyes!

Age: 6 years

Gender: spayed female

Health: FIV/FeLV negative, healthy little lady

Colour: Brown tabby

Breed: DSH

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: untested

Good with children: older children would be best

Lynx is a very shy girl who needs to prove herself to you. She does like to be patted once you have earned her trust.

She needs a home where there are no expectations placed on her so she can come to you on her own terms.

There is a lovely little lady underneath that shy exterior, she just needs a wide open heart and some patience so she can reveal her tender side.

Can you help Lynx discover her true potential?


Age: mature adult

Gender: neutered male

Health: excellent, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: low

Marbles is a very lovable kitty. He loves snuggles. Doesn't like toys or catnip. He prefers to just hang out with his humans. He's not a huge fan of being picked up. He lets you know when he wants to be pet and he makes you pet him. He can be playful when he wants to be. Any family would be lucky to have this big baby.

He has the most stunning golden eyes! They just melt your heart!


Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Female

Black DSH

Activity Level: Low

Good With Cats: Extremely

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Kids: No

Health: Excellent. Negative for FIV and FeLV. Shots up-to-date and spayed.

Special Needs: Mary is a typical "fraidy cat". She absolutely adores other cats, and immediately takes on a motherly role to ensure her cat housemates are all nice and clean and that they always have a snuggle buddy! Being a fraidy cat she needs time to warm up to people (she's not aggressive with anyone, just scared), but that makes all the steps she makes that much more tender and sweet. She needs someone who will be patient with her, and in return she will give you a bond like no other.

Yarrow: Loves kids

Age: two years

Gender: Spayed female

Breed: DSH, Tabby

Health: Excellent, snap test done on mom, which was negative, vaccinations up to date, spayed, dewormed

To say that Yarrow loves children is an understatement. She is fairly quiet and tends to be a bit shy to start, but then she does this amazing thing with children.

She is a lovely little lady, who is good with other cats, good with dogs and great with small children.

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Stubby the Dreamboat

Age: 1 year

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: Healthy (FIV+), vaccinated, dewormed.

Activity level: Active, does enjoy power naps.

Good with cats: with his FIV, he can live with other cats as long as there's no fighting. He's be great with another laidback feline.

Good with dogs: Yes, after proper introductions.

Good with Children: yes. check out the slide show, see for yourself!

Stubby was found as a stray, and needed urgent medical attention due to an injury to his tail that resulted in a partial amputation.

He has recovered very well from his surgery and is now ready to find his place in the world.

Stubby was a little shy to begin with, but is making great progress with his super foster family who have really helped him reveal his goofy, lovable side.

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Squash: ADOPTED!

Age: 3 -5 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: Ginger, DSH

Health: Excellent, Negative for FIV/FeLV, neutered, dewormed, vaccinated.

Activity level: low to moderate

Squash never has a bad day. He is always in a good mood. He loves to chat to you, and you can have a great conversation with him. As his foster mom says, "Him being in a constant good mood is actually quite inspiring."

Gerber: Sweetness in a tux

Age: two years

Gender: neutered male

Breed: Tuxedo, DSH

Health: Excellent, FIV & FelV snap test done on mom, negative, vaccinations up to date. dewormed, and neutered.

Gerber is a quiet, shy boy. But does love his humans. He just needs time to adjust to new people.

He loves to play with his siblings. He does well with other cats, dogs and small children.

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Parsnip: Yummy!

Age: 2 years

Breed: DSH

Colour: Ginger tabby

Gender: neutered male

Health: FIV/FeLV negative, Vaccinations up to date. Parsnip has a chronic upper respiratory condition, but that doesn't slow him down at all and can be managed with medication when he has a flare up.

Good with other cats: Yes

Good with dogs: yes

Good with small children: untested, would likely adjust to gentle children

Parsnip is a pretty chill cat. He can fall asleep just about anywhere - hard window sill, kitchen table, even a bag of dog food makes a great bed, according to Parsnip.

Parsnip does seem to always have a runny nose. He's been vetted and diagnosed with chronic rhinitis which is treatable. Otherwise, he runs, plays, and sleeps just like any other kitten.

Call us to find out more about Parsnip and his strange sleeping habits!!


Breed: DSH tuxedo cat

Colour: black & white

Gender: Spayed female

Age: 9 yrs

Size: Average and well rounded!

Activity Level: moderate

Good with dogs: scared at first but does come around

Good with other cats: no

Good with kids: untested

Special needs: just lots of loving!

Health: excellent

Puss: Ginger Love

Age: about 5 years old

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Ginger tabby

Health: Excellent, FIV/FeLV negative

Activity level: moderate

Good with other cats: yes

Good with dogs: yes

Good with small children: Puss would do better with older children (teenager)

Puss came to us from the pound. He started off pretty scared of us human folk, but, he now adores his foster mom. He comes to her for cuddles and attention.

As with any change, cats need a little time to adjust to a new home. But Puss has proven that he welcomes the chance for a new beginning where he can show you the wonder of ginger love!

KitKat: Sweet as candy

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female (soon to be spayed)

Breed: Short Haired brown tabby, petite

Health: Excellent. Dewormed, utd on shots, neg for FIV / FelV

Temperament: friendly, sweet, loveable lap kitty

Personality: KitKat is a young mother who came into rescue with her two kittens. Now that she's in foster care, she likes the quiet luxury of laying in the sunlight or on a lap when the kittens are busy somewhere else. She can't get enough head scratches!

Foster mom thinks she would be okay with gentle children who give her lotsa love and affection or a home without youngsters. KitKat has not been tested with dogs but should be okay after a proper, gradual introduction. Non-rambunctious cats are also acceptable!