Adult Cats


Velvet: Rocking midlife!

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Age: middle

Breed: DSH

Gender: neutered male

Activity level: moderate

Good with: cats yes. Untested with dogs and children.

Health: very good. He's utd on vaccines, tested neg. for FIV and Felv. Due to dental disease, most of his teeth were extracted and he's just fine with that... no more pain. One ear tip lost to frost bite. 

In one's middle years come wisdom, patience and poise... and so it is with our Velvet. Look in those eyes and you'll understand why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. But Velvet will worship you right back. 

When he's not trying to hypnotize you, Velvet enjoys chasing balls, purring, looking mysterious, listening attentively, eating, sleeping and playing a bit. Very active for a middle age guy!

His foster mum says: "He would do well in a home with another feline playmate. He is very active and busy, and loves for you to throw a ball for him. Sometimes he’ll even bring it back to you! He also will go to his toy basket and select a toy to play with. In the evening he gets the zoomies and races up and down the hallway until he’s worn out."

Velvet's full life story can be read here on Facebook. 

"I just wanna be your Teddy Bear!" ADOPTED!

Gender: neutered male

Breed: Black and tan tabby with white bib, socks and boots!

Born: early 2022

Health: excellent, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered.

Personality: Curious, lots of energy, great with other cats and dogs, okay with kids if they don't startle him, loves attention and pets.

Not long ago, Teddy was a stray living rough in the Cromer area. A kind lady began feeding him and one of his friends. She saw so much potential for Teddy as an indoor cat because he was always affectionate with her. 

When he came to VPN, he had to move foster homes twice (no fault of his own). But once he settled in, we found that he is a sweet, active boy who has gained a lot of confidence in foster care. Now, he readily comes for pets and cheek smears! He's gentle and loving with his human and feline friends and has no problem with the canine crowd!

Former foster mom Erin said: "I can vouch for what a wonderful guy Teddy is. He just adores affection (and snacks) once he's comfy! He was very gentle with my 2 small children for some calm petting." 

We think it won't take long for Teddy to settle into a new home and bond with his special somebody/ies. 

We'd love our Teddy Bear to be adopted into a home with at least one other kitty on hand who he can curl up with and snuggle... or play wrestle with until exhausted! Apply here.

Silver tabby delivers pure "Joy"

Born May 1, 2020

Spayed female

Short haired silver tabby

Health: utd on shots, dewormed, spayed, exc. health.

Activity level: average

Joy is: good with dogs. good with cats if gradually introduced. Good with older children who know how to handle cats. 

Friendly and warm towards visitors to her foster home.

Joy is a young silver tabby who came into rescue with some physical signs of her previous life: One ear tip frozen off, skinny and hungry, in heat and having some difficulty settling down indoors.

But we're happy to say that Joy has found her groove!

Getting spayed took the edge off her wanderlust and Joy has now settled into domestic life with her wonderful foster mom who calls her "JoyJoy" and says:

"JoyJoy took a while to warm up to me but she sleeps beside me now." She also happily hangs out with the other two cats in the house but would manage just fine as an only cat, too.

Joy is fostered in Pipestone. Talk to us if you'd like to meet her in person or chat with her foster mom. This pretty little gal has seen some hard times and discovered she prefers the good life indoors bringing joy to her peeps.

Could you be her destiny?  Apply here.

Bobtail Cat Halo is an angel

Halo is about 6 years old

Spayed female

Tuxedo cat with adorable white sockies!

Good health, vaccinated, spayed, fiv/felv negative. 

Halo loves her toys and to cuddle by your side. She discovered she likes belly rubs recently, but her favorite spot she wants scratched is her back right by her little bobbed tail. 

She likes a quiet home and is not a fan of dogs. She is actually very hesitant with other cats, due to being picked on in her previous home. 

Her most favorite treat in the whole world is bits of Doritos taco chips! (in moderation of course) Her last adopter ran to the store once I gave them that info to get her comfortable and it worked. 

She will need a bit of time to trust but with Doritos at your side, it's easy to win her over. 

We would suggest she be in a room to decompress with lots of visits for a couple of days to warm up to a potential adopter just because she came back from her first adoption quite traumatized. 

What a great companion for a single person or older couple! You will never feel lonely again. 

Diesel: Sweet Senior with Lots to Give

Sponsored by Dawn Danielson, Erika and Emily

Adoption fee paid for approved adopter

Age: about 13-16 years old

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: excellent, he is FIV positive, but is not showing any health issues. Eats well and uses his litter box without fail.

Activity level: low 

Likes: tolerates adult cats but really enjoys kittens. Ignores dogs and likes older kids.

Diesel is a quiet cat, who would love to live out his retirement years in the comfort of a quiet home. 

He would be fine as an only cat. Diesel spends his day napping, eating and then napping some more. He would love to be able to curl up beside his human and just nap. He’s not a big cuddle cat, but he does love laying with you when you’re watching tv or just sitting quietly. He patiently waits for his food and he loves to eat in his dog crate. If you are looking for an older, wiser cat who is patient and kind, Diesel is your cat.

Fill out an adoption application today and get this boy into your life.