Adult Cats

Adonis the "Butter Cat" 

(He melts in your arms!)

Gender: male, neutered 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: dilute ginger with white diamond on back 

Energy Level: low       Health: exc.

Ideal Home: good with kids, dogs and other cats.

Story: The entire family of mom and 4 kittens was living rough in the area of Queen St. East, Virden, with several concerned citizens keeping an eye on them, putting out food, and getting them used to being around humans. 

They were trapped and brought into rescue in early August and here they are, healthy, curious, busy and adorable!

Personality: Adonis is a lover, not a fighter! He wants nothing more than to be held, cuddled, loved on, pet, kissed… you name it! This boy loves love! 

He is what we call a “butter cat”, because the second you pick him up, he melts in your arms. He enjoys a quick wrestle with his big brother, and toys can be fun now and then, but really the most interesting thing for Adonis is what’s out the window and what’s in his dreams. He’s a low energy big boy who’s happy with cats, dogs, kids… as long as they whisper sweet nothings to him, he’s happy as a clam.   

Apollo: Big, beautiful & busy

Gender: male, neutered 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: dilute ginger with white

Energy Level: medium    Health: exc.

Ideal home:  good with kids, dogs and other cats.

Personality: Apollo is a leader – he’s brave, curious, and full of personality. He loves playing with his siblings, kids, toys, and even his 90 lb dog foster sister! 

When he’s not wrestling his brother, Apollo likes to hunt bugs, hang with his hedgehog foster-brother, and cuddle with his humans. He enjoys being picked up and held, and just like his siblings, Apollo loves napping in a lap, or at least near his favourite people. He spends his nights curled in a ball making biscuits under the blanket with anyone who will let him. 

He’s already quite a big boy, so if you’re looking for an oversized house panther who gets along with anyone and everyone, Apollo is the one for you! 

Artemis: Quiet. Colourful.

Gender: female, spayed 

Born: March or April 2023

Colour: tabico (tabby calico) 

Energy Level: low   Health: exc.

Ideal home: Quiet home, with another feline or one of her own siblings.

Personality: Artemis is a small, quiet girl who always manages to find some sunlight to bask in. She’s a bit shy, so she tends to rely on her siblings and mom to help her loosen up around new people. We would love to see her end up in a forever home with one of her family members, but if on her own, she would be happiest in a quieter home. She loves pets and will often appear seemingly out of nowhere to enjoy a nap as close to you as possible. Artemis is the type of girl who will take some time to come out of her shell, but will eventually give her heart away to you completely.   

Finnegan the Funtastic!

Born: approx. April 2023

Breed: DSH grey classic tabby

Gender: neutered male

Health: excellent. Dewormed, vaccinated and neutered.

Gets along with: cats and loves dogs. Untested with children but likely just fine.

Personality: Confident, friendly, house trained. Independent.

Story: Finnegan is possibly the most famous cat in town. While a stray, he crashed parties and invited himself into homes and businesses just for the pleasure of human company. (And snacks). One day he made the very wise decision to follow a Virden cat rescuer home. That's when he came into VPN's care. 

We think Finn would be great in any sort of home. We know he digs dogs because his foster mom tells us he loves hanging out with her dog Ebby. "He tucks me and Ebby in at bedtime and chooses to sleep on the dog's window chair. When someone comes, he meows at the window as a greeting. Bought him some catnip and that just makes him talk and talk and talk!"

He may be black, white and grey, but this tabby is one colourful character! Apply here to adopt Finnegan the fun feline!

Marvellous Milo

Born: approx. March 2023

Breed: DLH grey classic tabby

Gender: neutered male

Health: excellent. Dewormed, vaccinated and neutered.

Gets along with: cats. Untested with dogs and children, will need proper slow introductions.

Personality: sweet natured, confident, cuddly. house trained. 

Story: Milo turned up on Bridge Street in Virden in March of this year, looking for warmth, food and a friendly face. We're always shocked when sweethearts like Milo don't get claimed by relieved owners. So much love and affection to give. 

He's in a foster home with another cat and is doing great. He sailed through his neuter surgery and is now ready to launch Act II of his amazing life with a family who will love him furever. 

Apply for Milo here.


Age: young adult, born 2021 or 2022

Gender: male, neutered

Breed: White and grey tabby, short hair

Health: FIV/Felv neg, neutered, utd on vaccines, dewormed, very healthy, ready to adopt.

Ideal home: No small children, he hasnt been around them and does get nervous.  Gets along with dogs and other cats, likes the company. Needs a bit of patience at first, like most animals going into new surroundings.

Patches' Story: 

Patches is a gentle cat who came into rescue in the dead of winter in Reston. He quickly accepted all of his roomies (and there are a LOT of them!), not once showing any aggression towards the other cats or dog. 

For a stray who we thought might be feral, Patches has reminded us never to judge a book by its cover. Truly feral cats that are wild to the core are uncommon. 

Most strays are like Patches - lost or abandoned, alone in the world and looking for a place to belong. Can you be the one to give him a family of his own? 

Patches is shy at first, but will really warm up to you with back scratches, treats or food. 

Emerald: World's Happiest Cat, Bestest Snuggler!

Born: May 7, 2023

Breed: DMH, white with dark tabby markings

Gender: neutered male

Health: Excellent, utd on vaccines, dewormed. Neutered.

Personality:  Cheerful, friendly, playful. Loves being picked up and played with; total purr machine. We call him Sunshine Boy. He has a warm, friendly, easy going temperament that would be suitable in any cat-loving home. Em adores attention and would love a home where he gets tons of it.

Good with: Kids, dogs and other cats. Emerald and his brother Jasper (see below) have been well socialized by a family that's very experienced in fostering cats and dogs. That means they are house trained, gentle, cuddly and confident. 

Please visit Emerald on his own Facebook album - it has hundreds of pix from baby to current day plus videos you just have to check out. 

Then apply online for Emerald or Jasper... or both! These boys share a special bond that will make you go "Awwww" every day.

Jasper, Kind to Kids of all Ages

Born: May 7, 2023

Breed: DSH, white with tabby markings

Gender: neutered male

Health: Excellent, utd on vaccines, dewormed.

Good with: Kids, dogs and other cats. Jasper and his brother Emerald have been well socialized by a family with kids, dogs and other cats in the home. They are very experienced in fostering pets which means Jasper is house trained, gentle, cuddly and confident. 

Personality: Foster mom says Jasper is independent, snuggly, calm. Jas is the kindest boy with kids and baby animals! He is a quiet boy who prefers gentle handling and is happy to cuddle up with a good book and a lap!

Please visit Jasper on his own Facebook photo album - it has hundreds of pix from baby to current day plus videos you just have to check out. 

Then apply online for Emerald or Jasper... or both! These boys share a special bond that will make you go "Awwww" every day.

Cheeto, aka Sweet Cheeks

Born: August 2017

Breed: DLH Ginger Tabby

Gender: Neutered Male

Health: utd on vaccines, dewormed, tested neg for FIV and Felv.  A dental treatment plus booster shots are scheduled and will be covered by the rescue. Currently recovering from a bladder infection and urinary crystals, so he needs to be on a special urinary health diet. 

Activity level: Low. Super relaxed! He loves to sit draped over your lap, purring his heart out. Or failing that, curled up in a favorite armchair.

Ideal home: fine with cats and non-frenetic kids. He doesn't love dogs but a relaxed, cat-savvy dog who knows how to respect cats would work. Cheeto trained his foster home's three big dogs to stay outside his zone, and they obey or else!  

Cheeto's story: This gorgeous creature came to us after a harrowing attack by a dog that left one of his legs badly injured. Since the wound was on a joint, it took months to heal. Then he had surgery for a hernia, then an emergency operation for a blockage to his digestive tract, and most recently in-clinic care for his bladder infection. 

Once all that was out of the way, Cheeto was able to relax and settle in to domestic life. But he hasn't forgotten his earlier life of freedom and often hangs out near the doors, hoping for a break. Which can not be allowed to happen, his rambling days are so over! The enclosed catio is waiting, though.

Whoever adopts this boy will soon figure out why his nickname is Sweet Cheeks - he has classic cartoonish fur that makes his cheeks fan out like Sylvester the cat. Regular brushing or combing will be needed to keep mats and tangles from creeping into his lovely hair.

Fostered in Virden. Contact us to set up a meet and greet or zip over to our cat adoption application.

Echo, the talkative tortie

Approx. 1.5 - 2 years old

Breed: DSH tortoiseshell 

Spayed female

Health: very good, a little frostbite damage to one ear. utd on vaccinations, deworming.

Tends to hide if kids or dogs come over. Laidback and affectionate when they aren't around!

Her foster mum named her Echo cause anytime you speak to her, she talks back! She was skin and bones feeding 4 babies, surviving any way she could when we got her. Now she's spayed, the kids are getting adopted and she's ready to start writing chapter two of her own life.

She loves being cuddled and if you’re in the same room, she is likely going to be right next to you if she feels safe to be there. 

Hera, wears her heart on the outside!

Gender: female, spayed

Age: Born 2021-22

Breed: DSH calico 

Energy Level: low 

Ideal home: a quieter home with an animal or small human companion or two.   

Her story: Hera was a stray living in the east end of Virden. Friendly locals had been keeping an eye on her until the summer of 2023, when they were able to trap her and her litter of four kittens. Hera took a few months to get used to indoor life, but is now happy and spoiled, just like her kittens

Personality: Hera is a quiet lady, a little on the shy side. She had a hard start to life so it can take some time to win her trust, but once you do, she will spend her time caressing your legs, climbing in your lap, and demanding all kinds of belly rubs. She wears her heart on her side (check out those markings) and has the cutest little nose we’ve ever seen! Hera gets along with everyone, but her favourite foster family members are the 90 lb dog and the human children! 

Velvet: Rocking midlife!

Age: middle

Breed: DSH

Gender: neutered male

Activity level: moderate

Good with: cats yes. Untested with dogs and children.

Health: very good. He's utd on vaccines, tested neg. for FIV and Felv. Due to dental disease, most of his teeth were extracted and he's just fine with that... no more pain. One ear tip lost to frost bite. 

In one's middle years come wisdom, patience and poise... and so it is with our Velvet. Look in those eyes and you'll understand why the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. But Velvet will worship you right back. 

When he's not trying to hypnotize you, Velvet enjoys chasing balls, purring, looking mysterious, listening attentively, eating, sleeping and playing a bit. Very active for a middle age guy!

Velvet's full biography can be seen on our Facebook page here.

Bobtail Cat Halo is an angel

Halo is about 7 years old

Spayed female

Tuxedo cat with adorable white whiskers, bib and booties!

Good health, vaccinated, spayed, fiv/felv negative. 

Ideal home: Quiet environment where she can be an only child and have you all to herself!

Halo loves her toys and to cuddle by your side. She discovered she likes belly rubs recently, but her favorite spot she wants scratched is her back right by her little bobbed tail. 

Foster mom says: "Halo was brought into care in February of 2022, after her tail fell off in the bitter cold, and had to have the rest of it amputated. Halo is very shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she will be your best friend.  She is flourishing in her current home as the only pet. She loves to be petted and cuddles up beside you."

She likes a quiet home and is not a fan of dogs. She is actually very hesitant with other cats, due to being picked on in her previous home but is gaining in confidence daily. 

Her most favorite treat in the whole world is bits of Doritos taco chips! (in moderation of course) Doritos is the way to this girl's heart. 

We would suggest she be in a room to decompress with lots of visits for a couple of days to warm up to a potential adopter

What a great companion for a single person or older couple! You will never feel lonely again. 

Diesel: Sweet Senior with Lots to Give

Sponsored by Dawn Danielson, Erika and Emily

Adoption fee paid for approved adopter

Age: about 13-16 years old

Gender: neutered male

Breed: DSH

Colour: Black

Health: excellent, he is FIV positive, but is not showing any health issues. Eats well and uses his litter box without fail.

Activity level: low 

Likes: tolerates adult cats but really enjoys kittens. Ignores dogs and likes older kids.

Diesel is a quiet cat, who would love to live out his retirement years in the comfort of a quiet home. 

He would be fine as an only cat. Diesel spends his day napping, eating and then napping some more. He would love to be able to curl up beside his human and just nap. He’s not a big cuddle cat, but he does love laying with you when you’re watching tv or just sitting quietly. He patiently waits for his food and he loves to eat in his dog crate. If you are looking for an older, wiser cat who is patient and kind, Diesel is your cat.

Fill out an adoption application today and get this boy into your life.


Born: May 2022

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: DSH tuxedo cat

Energy level: average for a young adult cat

Health: Exc. health, neutered, utd on vaccinations, dewormed, tested neg FIV and FelV.

Gets along with: dogs, friendly cats, untested with kids.

Ideal home: Jett's ideal home would have a young cat or kitten to play with and older (or no) kids.  A dog that isn't overbearing would be fine with him.

Jett is shy with people until he gets to know them so his future adopter will need to give him time to adjust. Change is hard when you've been through a lot.

Jett's Story:

This green-eyed heart throb was returned to foster care after a failed adoption due to no fault of his own. The adopter owned 2 other adult cats that were very territorial, and would not accept him. 

Poor Jett came back to us traumatized. But with lots of patience, time and space, he bounced back and is ready to give the world another chance.

Jett gets along very well with the foster kittens in the house, and the dog. He is shy with new people at first, but once he gets to know you, he will be your best friend.