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Nine the cat and his relieved mom Joy

"Miracles Can Happen"

The cat came back!

This is the story of Nine, the cat who came back after being lost for six months, told by his owner Joy Lees of Virden.

On May 17, 2022, my cat Nine, went missing from around Ice Cream Island in Virden. I spent the next few weeks biking around town every day looking for him.

I asked everyone I knew to keep an eye out for him and put multiple posts up on Facebook for him. I searched every lost pet group that I could find in the area with no luck.

Then I got a call from my friend's mom. She told me that Nine was sneaking in her doggie door at night and during the day when she wasn't home! He had finally warmed up to her enough that he ended up crawling in bed with her the night before! She figured out that it was him for sure.

Thank you Kellie Flannery for bringing my Nine home to me six months later!!

Miracles can happen and I want to thank Kellie (and her neighbor) for feeding him for the last while, Rick Walker for tirelessly watching for him and sending me every post he saw with black cats in it, and the Virden Pet Network for putting up with my endless messages to them in regards to cats that I thought were maybe Nine and also for posting his missing ad over and over for me.

He's glad to be home and Kat and I are even more glad to have him home!!

Joy Lees

Low Cost Spay-Neuter program reopens thanks to Valleyview Co-op

Virden Pet Network is thrilled to announce that Valleyview Co-op has sponsored our Low Cost Spay-Neuter program with a donation of $2,500.

Their sponsorship means we can re-open the very popular program and start accepting applications again.

As you may know, the last year has been a real doozy in the kitten department. So many stray pets strained our budget and made it necessary to put the low cost program on hold. Happily, we are now able to start accepting your applications once again.

We also want to recognize Virden Animal Hospital, which has been our partner in this program from the very start. Their unflagging support over the years has meant healthier pets and fewer "whoops" litters.

Heather Reimer, Pres. of VPN, receiving donation from Human Resources Manager Marcie Barkley of Valleyview Co-op.

Scentsy, Terri Pringle to "the rescue"

Terri's month-long Scentsy online party for Virden Pet Network is now over and the products are coming soon for all those who ordered. And there were a lot of orders!

Terri used her networking skills and her friendly personality to make it a fun shopping experience for everyone.

The end result was a $360 donation for VPN plus $200 worth of Scentsy products which will be bundled and auctioned off in our big annual pre-Christmas online auction coming Dec. 9-11.