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"Something to Live For"

This story was shared with us by a long-time friend and supporter of Virden Pet Network. Cheri Lelond wrote to us about her 87-year-old mother who lives alone and was struggling with loneliness and depression... Until, by accident, she found something to live for.

Here's Cheri with the rest of the story:

"My husband Fred and our neighbour were coming back from our pasture near Carberry and noticed something on the side of the road. Yes you guessed it. A kitten that was just tossed away like garbage, rolled up in a ball, cold and hungry.

"She was by no means feral. She had been with people. She weighed maybe a pound and didn't get out there by herself.

"We have four large boy cats and one female, and they weren't very receptive to the kitten's arrival, so Mom came to our rescue and took the kitten in. She had just lost her cat to cancer.

"We had talked to her about fostering after the loss of Little Puss and she was not opposed to the idea. Lo and behold, this kitten comes into her life.

"This has added greatly to Mom's quality of life. She had been depressed and once Ruff entered her life, it was like Magic. It has brought new life into her world and has given her an extra reason to live."

Cheri wants to remind seniors that fostering is a good alternative to adopting if you're worried about the length of the commitment. We always accept foster pets back into rescue if the foster parent can no longer care for it.

Contact us if you know a senior who could use a companion.