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New Autumn Bandanas for Your Dogs, Cats

A fundraiser for Virden Pet Network courtesy of our fundraising chairperson and seamstress Margaret James

Small: $3 (for cats, XS dogs)

Medium: $4 (small dogs)

Large: $5 (everybody else!)

Model: Seth

Now on Sale at Virden Animal Hospital!

While you were at the beach this summer, Margaret James was at her sewing machine, creating a new line of doggy bandanas for the fall!

Now on sale at Virden Animal Hospital. (thanks to staff for selling them for us!)

All proceeds to Virden Pet Network.

Still insanely affordable, no inflation:

small: $3

medium: $4

large: $5

These are the casing style bandanas that slide over the collar. Machine wash, no ironing, and so cute your pet will get double takes!