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The Unsung Heroes of the Dump Cats

posted Sep 16, 2012, 2:05 PM by Heather Reimer
The other day, I went out to a small garbage dump near Virden with a fellow rescuer to catch a sick little kitten and bring her to safety. Dump cats, especially the young, are often weak, sick and die prematurely. So I was surprised to see how healthy most of the cats and kittens appeared to be.

Homeless, yes. Without proper shelter, regular human companionship or vet care, true. But still, their coats were shiny, their eyes bright, and most surprising of all, they had little fear of their 2-legged visitors. In fact, two cats including the tiny white kitten you see at left actually came to us and willingly accepted pets and cuddles! Very odd behaviour for feral cats, I thought. 

I can only conclude that these dozen or so cats and kittens are in relatively good health because of one thing: The unofficial "team" of people who have made it their business to feed and water them.  

My companion that day is one of them. With her own money she buys good quality cat chow and brings bottles of water for the colony. And she does this several times a week!

She has earned their trust over time. And because of that, there's a chance these cats can be fixed, vaccinated and given a better life... either back here at the colony or in new adoptive homes. 

How heart warming to see all these people, of their own accord, stepping up to help the homeless. I don't know how many of you there are, but thank you all. And if any of you are interested in helping even more, please contact the rescue. I'd like to get a group together for a trap-neuter-return effort at this colony.