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Our Wish List

posted May 31, 2014, 11:31 AM by Heather Reimer
More foster families are always at the top of our wish list! But if you can't foster, maybe you can help with: 

Vacuum that sucks! 2nd hand Electrolux? Upright? Dyson? (joke!)
Digital scale for weighing baby kittens
New or used pet carriers, small to medium size
Kitty condos and scratching posts
Canadian Tire money
Gift cards
Litter, clumping
Litter boxes
Friskies pate canned cat food or similar quality brand
Cat treats
Cat nip
Polysporin eye drops or eye ointment
Paper towels
Laundry soap, any kind
Dryer sheets, any kind
Garbage bags, large green

Please call 851-3135 to arrange for drop off or pick up. And thank you!