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Memorial for a Special Girl

posted Jul 11, 2013, 12:34 PM by Heather Reimer
Maggie's Story
by her loving humans Kathi and Doug Gatey
Long time friends and supporters of Virden Pet Network

After several visits to the Brandon Humane Society in the spring of 2002, we adopted Maggie on June 27. She had big shoes to fill as we had lost our dog of 16 years the year before and truly felt there could be no other dog as great as our Charli but we took a chance or perhaps fate intervened and there we were picking up this pudgy little puppy. 

We headed straight to Clear Lake after picking her up and thus her attachment to the meadow at the lake began. In the years since as soon as the car pulled into the driveway at the cottage she would start barking to go to the meadow. Going for hikes and car rides were her pleasures. 

In December, 2005, Maggie became a big sister to Annie. Annie was her pesky little sister without a doubt. The two became inseparable and there were many games of tug-of-war and when hiking a chase would always take place between the two. Maggie was a very majestic dog who felt the game of fetch was for babies.

In March of this year Maggie was diagnosed with a nasal tumor. She passed away on July 9. Maggie was a gentle loving dog who filled those big shoes left by Charli with a lot of grace. We are so grateful to have had her in our lives and know that we shall be reunited in our meadow.

-Kathi & Doug Gatey