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Letter From a Cat Foster Mom

posted Aug 23, 2012, 10:51 AM by Heather Reimer
Have you ever considered fostering a pet but weren't sure? The following letter was written by a Brandon lady who has fostered several kittens over the years, telling why she does it:

"Fostering is rewarding, not only because you give an animal a chance for a better life, it's the joy of having a scared or timid creature trust you. 

It's seeing them grow into loving friends. 

It's raising a wee kitten from 4 days old, who is totally dependant on you for everything, into an independent, fun-loving, adoptable creature.

It's taking a scared, starving kitten who has been dumped and left to fend for itself, and gaining its trust.

I'm on my fourth foster. Love them all. The first was Dickens who was brought out of the bush by the family dog. His eyes weren't open yet and bottle feeding was in order. He thrived, was adopted, and I was hooked.

I now have Emma who was very timid when she arrived, and is now playing with us.

Every animal has its own personality. Watching it develop and teaching right from wrong is a bit like parenting. There is definitely a time commitment but it's the perfect way to have a cat fix when funds are limited." -written by Marg, Emma's foster mom (and now her forever mom).