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Goodbye, China-Doll, You Were and Are Loved

posted Nov 25, 2014, 7:00 PM by Heather Reimer
Mar. 7, 2002 - Nov. 21, 2014

Jean and Gerry Gatey are long-time friends of Virden Pet Network. So was their little girl, China. Here's what they wrote about her life story. 

China was born on March 7, 2002 and joined our family on Jan 7, 2003. From the moment she was picked up on a stormy night in Winnipeg, she bonded with Gerry. They became inseparable except for short periods when other duties called or during Gerry's 5-day stay in hospital. (Holiday trips always included China and Buddy). It could be a matter of a few hours or a walk around the block, on Gerry's return China's greeting was sheer bedlam.

In no time, our four furry friends became one big family: China, Sushi (mother cat), Tiger (her daughter) and later big brother Buddy, a blind Shih Tzu. 

China loved to ride in the car, her place of high-honour being the console between the front seats. On Buddy's arrival, even though he was blind, he insisted the small space must be shared. So came the famous platform so there was room for both. On long trips to Calgary, the two dogs never fussed. China watched the scenery for a while, then both would bed down in the back seat in their comforters. An invitation that triggered more bedlam was "Who wants to go for a walk?" After we got on the creek path, China's leash was removed so she was free to race full steam ahead. She would only go 50 feet then turn and make sure Gerry was with her. Then it was off again for another short dash!

China was showing signs of slowing down but on her last day, her walk was the same as always, racing in the piles of leaves along the creek, tail waving as she bounced along. In the late evening, she had what appeared to be a stroke. She died a few hours later following a heroic effort by Dr. Gita to save her. 

We miss you so much, little princess. We'll love you forever. Rest in peace. 

-Jean and Gerry Gatey