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Cat Family Found Living Under Virden Building

posted Oct 25, 2012, 12:58 PM by Heather Reimer

This exhausted mother cat and her 3 kittens were, until just this week, living in a small cat-size tunnel under the Horizon Centre in downtown Virden. It's not the first time homeless cats and kittens have lived there. The cold concrete of this outdoor bunker offers them some shelter from the wind and predators, but is otherwise a miserable place to raise a family. 

All 4 members of this family are now in a clean, cozy kennel at the rescue. They're getting as much food as they want, fresh water, shelter, safety and warmth. I'll be working with them to get them used to being around people, being handled and loved. In time, they'll be dewormed, vaccinated, and fixed. And put up for adoption.

All this will put a dent in the rescue's limited resources. If you'd care to help us support this family, please consider donating... $10, $50 or whatever you can spare. Click the red Donate Now button on this page. 

Maybe you'd like to foster one or more of the kittens? Or help us with fundraising events? Get more ideas on how you can help our homeless pets here: How to Help