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Foster a Pet

Virden Pet Network doesn't have a shelter building. So we depend on volunteer foster parents to house, care for and socialize our pets in their own homes.

Fostering allows you to enjoy the company of a feline without the long-term commitment and costs of pet ownership. 

Fostering is also ideal for parents who want to teach their children responsibility and involve the whole family in nurturing a pet before they consider getting one of their own.

If you can't foster a pet in your home, consider volunteering at the headquarters of Virden Pet Network. You can offer valuable help like cat cuddling, play time, and clean up. Call 748-6677.

How Fostering Works

Virden Pet Network pays for all expenses: food, supplies, and veterinary care. Foster families provide loving care until a permanent home becomes available. This personal attention in a home environment is crucial to help train and socialize pets and greatly improves their chances for adoption.

Some prospective foster families worry about getting emotionally attached to the foster pet. They think it will be hard to let go. And sometimes it is. But most find it very satisfying to give a formerly unwanted animal a second chance at life. Plus there’s always another kitten waiting in the wings who needs you just as much!

(To get a inside perspective, read this letter from one of our foster moms.) 

Who Can Volunteer

Our Foster Program is open to all: families, singles, couples, students and retirees. Experience with cats is helpful but not necessary. You must be 18 to register as a foster parent or have the written permission of your parents.

We also work with Virden Collegiate's Community Services program. You can earn a full course credit by volunteering at Virden Pet Network. Call us or talk to your principal for details.

To volunteer, call Virden Pet Network at (204) 748-6677 or email

Foster Parent Guidelines

Please download and read the Foster Parent Guidelines document below by clicking on the red arrow. Then download and complete the Foster Home Application. Either email or mail it in to us. Or call us to discuss.

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