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Buy a Shush Puppy

Buy a Pet Tag Silencer and Support the Rescue!

They're cute. They're colourful. And they keep your dog's tags from driving you both crazy! 

These unique dog tag silencers are hand crocheted right here in Manitoba. And every cent from every one sold goes to care for the dogs and cats at Virden Pet Network. Only $6.99!
To see the selection of colours and order your Shush Puppy, visit our online store on

Customer Comment:
"I purchased two shush puppies for my two little dogs. I love them. It keeps the tags quiet, and I don't get woke up by the clang of the tags anymore. I'll be purchasing another one, as we just adopted another dog. She doesn't have tags yet, but she will! Thanks, Heather, for the lovely little Shush Puppies!" -Kathy Heaman

Now, here's Baby Bear showing off his Shush Puppy (it has survived many wrestling sessions with his pal Yoda, a German Shepherd!)