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"I know we just met but I already love you!" -Vixen

Breed: DSH Black and Grey tabby
Gender: Neutered Male
Born: May 2013
Good with dogs: Yes, lives with 2 sweet little dogs
Good with cats: Yes, lives with a houseful of foster cats
Good with kids: Yes, gentle with kids, not a biter or scratcher!
Special features: Ear tips like a bobcat. Stripes like a jungle cat!
Health:  Tested negative for FIV and FelV, dewormed, vaccinated, neutered. Had to have teeth extracted due to rare allergy. Absolutely no chance this guy will ever bite anybody. Ever! 

Vixen loves people. His own people. His people's friends. And complete strangers. That's why he comes running to the door whenever someone arrives and literally jumps up into their arms! Cuddle machine!

Favorite slogan: "Bring it!" Very interactive, loves being held and snuggled. Like most cats, he needs a little time to adjust to new situations, but then it's full steam ahead.  What a wonderful family pet he'd make. Gentle with kids, other cats and dogs.

Favorite thing: climbing onto your shoulders for a snuggle and a ride, or into your arms. or lap. Just, you know, be with me!

Favorite person: whoever he just met. And everyone before that. And everyone to come. You need to meet Vixen to really appreciate his wonderful, affectionate personality. We can arrange it!

ShadowBear: An Armful of Love



Age: 2 - 3 years

Gender: Neutered male

Fur Length: Medium 

Colour: Black w. rich chestnut highlights

Size: Medium

Activity Level: low-medium

Good with Cats: Loves cats

Good with Dogs: Good with dogs

Good with Kids: Yes!

Health: FIV+, symptom free, very good health

Special Needs: Loves to be picked up, carried around, and hugged. Specializes in head boops. 

Some cats are merely beautiful. Some are smart. And some are sweet natured. Our Shadowbear is the total package. His long, reddish-black fur is beautiful and low maintenance. He loves human company, often coming to ask for uppies or a pat down. 

If you're busy, that's okay... he'll go play with the other cats. He's not a domineering macho type, not a scrapper at all, and can get along with any sort of cattitude your feline may have! 

We think Shadowbear likely didn't have much contact with dogs before he came into foster care. But he does now, and is fine with them. He's also been around kids 5+ years and is just great with them. 

If he looks like the ideal cat for you but you're concerned about FIV, please contact us. FIV is nothing to fear and many FIV cats can live long, symptom-free lives with a little extra care. And this boy is soooo worth it.

Meet Shadowbear's Girlfriend, Tootsie... a Dark Chocolate and Caramel Beauty!


Age: 1.5 years old
Spayed female
 caramel and dark chocolate colours
Short hair
Energy: average
Size: petite
Good with cats: yes
Good with dogs: loves dogs!
Good with kids: unknown
Health: Excellent, no issues.

Personality: Is cautious with new people for a short while, then when she knows you she loves being petted, especially at meal time... or whenever her best bud Shadowbear is around! They spend all their time together and Shadowbear helped her get over her shyness and the trauma of being a pregnant stray, trapped, and stuck at the pound. 

It would be great if they could stay together... and the adoption fee is reduced if you take 2!

Tootsie & Shadowbear




Age: 8 months... still a kitten!
Gender: Neutered Male 

Fur Length: short
Colour: Soft grey, white belly, bibs and booties
Size: med.
Activity Level: moderate.
Good with Cats: yes 
Good with Dogs: yes 
Good with Kids: yes
Health: excellent, neg for FIV and Feline leuk.
Special Needs: just love and lots of it.

Buzz is a single young man seeking a committed relationship with one person or several. His ideal partner will be into mutual grooming, moderate-to-heavy petting, and of course full body cuddling. 

When Buzz first came into rescue, we knew he was no ordinary stray. He has beautiful manners and has clearly been raised in a home. Why his people wouldn't turn the world upside down looking for him is beyond us. But we sure got lucky with this guy. His qualities: 
  • extremely relaxed
  • very affectionate
  • adapts quickly to new people and surroundings (no hiding under beds)
  • outgoing, confident
Since Buzz is a very interactive kitty, he would be well suited for a home where the kids and grown ups have time to talk to him once in a while, rub his snow white belly, tickle his pretty pink feeties, and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. 

Austin: Our Creamsickle Cat!




Creamsickle lad! Orange and white sweetness!
Gender: Neutered Male 
Age: 2
Fur Length: short
Colour: orange and white
Size: med.
Activity Level: high at times, likes to relax too , very affectionate and loving. 
Good with Cats: yes very 
Good with Dogs: yes very 
Good with Kids: yes currently in a foster home with a 3-year-old
Health: excellent, negative for FIV and FelV
Special Needs: Just someone to love.

Austin came to us as a wee frozen kitten found in the ditch near Austin, MB. Due to his incredible cuteness, he was quickly adopted. But his owner was forced by mobility issues to move into a rental which doesn't allow pets. So Austin is back on the market and ready to start the next phase of his life!

Friendly and snuggly, with humans and other cats, Austin would thrive in a home with other pets. He was raised with a rambunctious dog and is now in a foster home with 2 other cats (that's him in the middle!) He very quickly learned how to accept the attentions of a toddler. So basically, he can take whatever life throws at him. 

Gorgeous Ginger Casanova: "You WILL be Mine. Oh Yes, You Will be Mine"

Age: 3 years
Gender: Neutered male
Fur: Short
Colour: Ginger Tabby
Size: Average 
Activity Level: Low 
Good with Cats: No
Good with Dogs: Yes, usually, but can provoke them
Good with Kids: Unknown
Health: FIV+ but no symptoms. Vaccinated, dewormed. Has an old injury to one rear leg that causes him to limp slightly. As a result, he tends to move slowly and as little as possible!

Personality: Moriarty is one interesting guy. He gets a little vocal and hissy when other male cats get too close. But he sings a different tune (and quite loudly) when people come near... he serenades the object of his affection until you agree to sit with him for a chat and a pet. Rub his head and he'll push up into your hand and try to boop your chin at every opportunity! 

Ideal Home: Moriarty would be fantastic with an older couple or single person, without other pets. FIV cats can live with non-FIV cats as long as they don't fight and bite. 

Moriarty now lives with another FIV+ cat. Mo sometimes gets aggressive with Reggie, so we don't recommend a cat household for him. 

Call or email us about Moriarty... you'll really want to meet this friendly, affectionate guy. 

Mufasa, Cuddly Cloud of a Cat

Age: Adult
Gender: male
Fur: Short
Colour: Pure White
Size: Average 
Activity Level: Average
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: Unknown
Health: Felv+ no symptoms. Vaccinated, dewormed, soon to be neutered.

Mufasa came to us from the Virden Pound where he kinda stood out from the other strays because of his lovely white fur and his calm, friendly disposition. Most cats are scared and angry at the pound but Mufasa was gentle and patient. And his personality continues to impress. He likes to be picked up and held, and will make a beeline for the nearest lap and climb aboard if you'll have him! 

We realize people are hesitant about adopting Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) cats. So if Mufasa interests you, please contact us or talk to your vet about FeLV. We believe these cats deserve to live and be loved as much as any other... Maybe more, because they've already endured so much. 

Sasha: The Tuxedo Princess

Sasha goes on the Oprah Show to explain why Obamacare should include free healthcare for cats!
Name: Sasha
Breed: DSH tuxedo cat
Colour: black & white
Sex: spayed female
Age: 1.5 years
Size: Average 
Activity Level: moderate 

Good with dogs: nervous at first but does come around
Good with cats: likes to play with foster brother Ringo
Good with kids: unknown
Special needs: just lots of loving!
Health: excellent. Vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, tested negative for FIV and Felv. 

Story: Sasha came into town on a semi, very hungry, skinny, scared and cold. That's why she's sometimes possessive about her food, afraid of starving again. It's also why she carries a few extra ounces! 

Can you give her a home where she never has to worry about her next meal? Or her next cuddle? She'll repay you a hundredfold and thank you with those big, round eyes. 

Sir Reginald Cat-Hug... A Classy, Gentle Gentleman 

Age: Adult
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Tabby with White mask, bib and boots
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Health: FIV+, symptom free

Reggie is guessed to be 6 - 8 years old. He's been healthy and happy ever since he came into rescue. His foster mom says he's very tolerant and accepting. Squealing toddlers make him a bit nervous but older kids are fine. He's lived in a home with tons of dogs, large and small, and adapted well to them. 

Reggie loves taking over the bed and skooching under the covers for extra coziness. But he'll gladly cuddle with you above the covers, too, if you need some Reggie time!  

Please consider adopting an older adult cat like Reggie. They have so much personality, love and (maybe most importantly) wisdom to share. 

Sophia: Moon-Faced Cupie Doll who Loves her Peeps!

Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Black and Silver Tabby
Age: 3 years

Sophia is a beautiful girl with a round, cupie doll face, big eyes, and gentle, graceful manners. She brought several sweet babies into the world, including Ringo (previous listing) before she was brought into rescue... and swiftly spayed! Now in early retirement, she's ready to enjoy her "empty nest".  

Although Sophia isn't crazy about being picked up, she is quite a people person. At meal time, she insists on being petted a little before she'll take a bite! Imagine a cat who likes affection more than food! She can be adopted on her own, or along with Ringo. A special discount if you adopt 2 from us! 

Toby: The Guy with the Permanent Wink


Breed: Short Haired Tabby
Colour: Buff
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: Adult

Toby has a few battle scars including a bad eye that has partial vision. But inside beats the heart of a sweet guy who just needs a second chance. He was rescued from the streets of downtown Virden with damage to his eye and has been able to adjust to mono vision with the help of his foster parents.

In fact, with their constant care, love and patience, Toby has become a whole new man. He's now very affectionate with his humans and just loves to be picked up and cuddled. He does have issues with other dominant cats sharing his space so should go to a home without other felines. And because his style of play can get a bit rough, he'd do better in a home with no kids or older kids.

He's been health checked, vaccinated and neutered. Contact his foster mom Bev at 748 2136 or the rescue at 748-6677 to find out more about Toby.

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