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Barn Buddies

Neutered Cats for the Farm

The "Barn Buddies" program places cats that are unsuitable as house pets on farms or rural properties. Barn Buddy cats will provide rodent control services in exchange for food and shelter. 

And because all our Barn Buddies have been spayed/neutered, you’ll get a cat who won’t produce unwanted kittens and will be less likely to spray, fight or wander off.

To Get a Barn Buddy

Donations are gratefully accepted but Barn Buddies are available at no cost to rural dwellers who can provide the following:

  • shelter in heated or working barns, sheds or stables
  • daily food and water
  • veterinary care if needed
  • a place to contain them for 5-7 days while they settle in to their new home.

To get a Barn Buddy, call or email Virden Pet Network. Or download, complete and send in the Barn Buddies application form at the bottom of this page.

Currently Available Barn Buddies:  

Tippy is just one cat from a nearby managed colony who will be neutered and join our barn buddy program. These are healthy, fixed cats suitable for outdoor life. 

Please contact us about barn buddies as their availability is subject to change quite quickly. We will put your name on a waiting list. 

Barn buddies may not all be shown on this page. Please phone or email to inquire. 
Heather Reimer,
Jun 20, 2014, 12:57 PM