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Low Cost Spay-Neuter Program

Kitten family
Don't need another unwanted litter?

Our Low Cost Spay-Neuter Program reduces your cost of a spay or neuter to about
1/3 of the regular rates. 

Virden Pet Network is working in conjunction with the Virden Animal Hospital to jointly subsidize the cost of spay-neuter surgeries for qualified applicants. In this way, more animals can be fixed and many litters of unwanted kittens and puppies prevented. 

How to Apply:
  1. Download the form below by clicking on the red arrow. (If you're on a computer, the Fillable form is best. If you're printing it out, use the other form.)
  2. Send completed form to Virden Pet Network by email:  tabbat@mts.net or mail to Box 925, Virden MB, R0M 2C0
  3. Include a digital scan or photocopy of your most recent CRA Notice of Assessment.
  4. We'll review your application and contact you when approved. 
  5. If approved, VPN will give you a certificate to present at the vet clinic on the day of surgery. 
  6. Make the appointment with the clinic for a day that suits you.  Be sure to bring your certificate with you or you will be required to pay for the procedure. 
Please be aware that the clinic may suggest additional services such as vaccinations or pain medication. These are not included in the spay-neuter program and are up to the pet owner to pay for. 

Questions? Contact the program manager Bev Bailey at 204-748-2136 or email tabbat@mts.net 

Stories From A Program Participant

Arturo... The Formerly-Naughty Kitty
As told by his human

Back in January, Arturo's owner Courtney was at her wits end. She wrote to us: "He does suffer from some severe anxiety issues, is quite food greedy, cries often if he can't find you, scratches and has started to pee on everything. Turo does love to cuddle and would melt any heart. We really do adore him. And it breaks my heart to have to write this message. Sadly, as a relatively new cat owner and with everything that Turo requires by way of special care - I just feel this is responsibility I am incapable of fulfilling. I am not sure what else I can do to help him."  

I told Courtney about the benefits of neutering male cats and about our Low Cost Spay Neuter program. She applied and qualified. Arturo was neutered and we recently got this update from Courtney: 

"I just wanted to give you all an update on Arturo.  He was neutered on February 3rd. We are so happy to say that all of the behaviour issues we were struggling with have ceased since his procedure! 

He has calmed down immensely and he is even less skittish (though he is still stranger leery), he doesn't mark anywhere nor does he attack leather or fur like he had. I truly believe he is so much happier and we are soo greatful for your advice and support! We couldn't imagine our lives without him! 

Thank you again. You are an amazing organization!" -Courtney, Tray and Turo

Heather Reimer,
May 3, 2014, 7:15 PM
Heather Reimer,
May 3, 2014, 7:15 PM